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Water fees on rise

Submitted by admin on March 17, 2010 – 8:02 am4 Comments

By News Director Leslie Stratmoen

RIVERTON, Wyo. — It looks like Riverton residents will have to start saving up — or figure out what Paul they’re going to be robbing from — as the saying goes, to pay for Peter. Or in this case pay for the rate hike in their water bills and soon-to-follow sanitation fees.

Riverton’s City Administrator Carter Napier

said the cost for water usage is going up by 3-percent annually, which translates to less than a dollar more a month for the average consumer. That goes into effect July 1.

Now that may not sound like much, until you add on the expected increase in waste collection fees that for large families could be a bundle. The city administrator said city officials are working on a plan that essentially would make residents pay per the amount they dump, instead of the now standard fee of $25.25 a month.

City officials are calling their new plan –  “a fair” pay scale because fees would be assessed on how much garbage is produced by each individual household — which in this case doesn’t mean – bigger is better — or – the more — the merrier.

Not hardly.

In this case, it means that those who recycle and reuse rather than pitch – pay less.

City officials say it’s all necessary so they can keep up with the continually rising costs of dumping at the county’s landfill.

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Comment by Skeptic
2010-03-17 14:39:20

hhhmmmm… lemme see, here… ways to save on water…?

1. Shower with a friend? ‘course that might CREATE more
people who will use more water… bad idea…
2. Don’t water your lawn? If ya don’t water, then it
don’t grow, if it don’t grow, then you don’t mow,
thereby saving money on gasoline and KEEPING THE
ENVIRONMENT CLEANER! YEAH! ‘course when the wind
blows, (and it always does,) all of YOUR yard
dirt will wind-up in your neighbor’s yard! And your
kids, playing in your dirt will get dirtier, then
see answer #1. jeeesh!
3. Uh, cut back? Use less? Hook a hose up to your
neighbor’s house? Uh, oh, that might be a crime,
don’t wanna do that!
…and garbage?
Can you say “lock-able roll-out dumpsters”?

Hey! aren’t the reservoirs full? So… why are they
charging more for water? Could it be the addition
of the new Spencer addition? ‘jus sayin’…

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Comment by King Tut
2010-03-18 09:53:04

Growing pains can get rather uncomfortable, can’t they? Spencerville; “welcome to Riverton” – now how about some of the other “unincorporated areas” surrounding Riverton?

How about Park Avenue Court, Dickinson’s Court (off Webbwood Road), the former (A&T) just north of Dickinsen’s Court? Also, the “Fike Additions” by No. 8th West and Webwood? (The county just rebuilt that section of Webbwood.

Or, how about All the trailer courts and subdivisions on East Monroe Blvd. Then, the trailer courts by the Pepsi distribution center (South Riverton)?

There are other areas but, since it “now pays” to have people? Lets start bring in (through annexation) another 1,000 to 2,000 residents more into Riverton City limits.

Question: Do the feds dole out money by the head count or more by the the thousands?

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Comment by ARMYVET
2010-03-20 18:14:46

riverton just needs to get smaller.people need to move away.

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Comment by King Tut
2010-03-22 08:37:29

Move away and lose all this great shopping because people live here?

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