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No word yet on how girl died

Submitted by admin on April 12, 2010 – 1:00 pmOne Comment

Marisa Spoonhunter

By News Director Leslie Stratmoen 

RIVERTON, Wyo. – Officials have no word yet as to what killed the 13-year-old girl found dead last week on the Wind River Indian Reservation. She’s been identified by family members as 8th grader Marisa Spoonhunter who was a student at Wyoming Indian Middle School.

Coroner Ed McAuslan said the preliminary results of an autopsy conducted Friday were inconclusive. That means it’ll be four to six weeks before he’ll know the cause and manner of the girl’s death. That’s when he expects to see the final results. Meanwhile, officials of his office, along with the FBI and Wind River Police are continuing their investigation into the case.

She’d been missing for four days by the time her body was found Wednesday afternoon outside a rural residence near Ethete. That’s about 15 miles away from Arapahoe, where she was last seen attending a powwow at a community center.

No other teen-agers have been killed on the reservation or nearby areas this week. That information comes directly from the coroner’s office in response to rampant rumors of multiple killings. He said his office is not dealing with as he put it “multiple deaths” of a suspicious nature on the reservation.

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1 Comment

Comment by christy
2010-04-12 14:35:35

Now at last the rumors can be stopped of all these so called other murders. Thank God it turned out not to be true. Wish the same could be said for Marisa Spoonhunter and her family. However this happened is a tragedy.

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