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Speeder lands in jail

Submitted by admin on April 13, 2010 – 8:04 am7 Comments

By News Director Leslie Stratmoen

RIVERTON, Wyo. – A Riverton man is in jail for interference and facing several other possible charges after leading local law enforcement on about an hours-long chase Saturday night from Riverton to Shoshoni, not stopping until he drove over road spikes set out to catch him.

The suspect has been identified as 28-year-old Leland Cornell.

He was originally spotted by an officer on Delfelder Road north of Riverton just before 8 o’clock that night after someone made a REDDI report on his truck. The officer got him stopped within minutes, but he took off again, and even tried to drive away on two flat tires after running over the road spikes. He only made it a few blocks away, into a ditch, but not before he rear-ended a Highway Patrol car. The trooper was injured, but has already been released from the Riverton Memorial Hospital.

Jerry Evagelatos of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office released the report. He said by the time the suspect was caught, Shoshoni and Riverton police had joined in on the chase, which ran up to speeds of 90 mph. So, along with being dangerous, the high-speed chase was costly, too. The estimate to repair the patrol car came in at $4,000. And that doesn’t begin to figure in how much more of the tax payers’ money will have been wasted by the time the wages are paid out to the officers who this speeder took for a ride.

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Comment by beieisoo
2010-04-13 08:42:56

sounds like he was doing something other then just drinking and driving to go on the run like that!!!! wonder why he ran?

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Comment by King Tut
2010-04-13 08:44:27

28-year-old Leland Cornell
You were able to afford to drink, drive, while eluding law officers and now about ready to pay the price of your actions.

Thank you to all law enforcement … you kept Riverton from another potential disaster.

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Comment by Jaxs
2010-04-13 15:36:11

Wow that story doesnt even come close to what we listened to on the scanner. What about the 3 year old that he dropped off, the two patrol cars that ran over the road spikes, and that he drove with two flat front tires from Shoshoni, down Missouri Valley, up 8 Mile, and then headed back towards Riverton before he wrecked.

EDITOR’S NOTE:None of the information stated in this comment was included in the official release from authorities.

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Comment by FremontCoMan
2010-04-13 17:06:58

The authorities skipped some of the details on the scanner. According to the scanner, the driver endangered the life of a 3 year old and everyone on the highway. Driving erratically at a high rate of speed.
It sounds like the police did a great job of insuring the safety of the child.
The scanner said the driver put the 3 year old out of his car at Burma Road and the police picked the child up there.
Kudos to our officers and thank God the child was OK.

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Comment by Informed
2010-04-14 13:36:05

I love all of you out there in scanner land! Whatever will you do with your time when the WYOLink system goes in and you can no longer hear the radio traffic?? You may have to get a new hobby, perhaps ambulance chasing!

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Comment by King Tut
2010-04-14 18:53:23

Its to my understanding that WYOlink system will be digitally aired as the only difference. Please, correct me if I misunderstood what I was told?

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Comment by Dirty Harry
2010-04-15 09:23:09

Tut, I think you might be right.
As analog broadcasting is going out and digital broadcast are taking its place. Other wise, Hammer Electronics wouldn’t be selling scanners under different circumstances.
The public does have a “certain right” to know.
I’m not sure if “real-time” is the intended “right” or not?

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