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Eaton’s lawyers seek records

Submitted by admin on June 4, 2010 – 8:09 am4 Comments


Lisa Marie Kimmell

   CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) –  Attorneys representing Wyoming’s only death row inmate are criticizing both his original state court prosecutor and defense lawyer in a federal appeal of his death sentence.

     Dale Wayne Eaton was sentenced to death in 1988 for the rape and murder of 18-year-old Lisa Marie Kimmell of Billings, Mont. She disappeared while driving from Colorado to Cody. Fourteen years later, in 2002, investigators matched Eaton’s DNA to her body and found her car buried on his property.

     Attorneys for Eaton’s federal appeal filed papers this week claiming his original defense lawyer did an inadequate job. They also claim that Eaton’s state prosecutor failed to disclose details about how another inmate who testified against Eaton was in line to receive a lower prison sentence.

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Comment by dickie
2010-06-04 09:32:39

Oh geez, it sounds like poor Dale Wayne may have been railroaded! Give me break. Here’s another one that should be tossed over the bridge into the Wind River. But, only after he’s been stuffed in a burlap sack with a few rocks. I believe that’s how he disposed of an 18 year old girl with her entire life ahead of her.

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Comment by twocents
2010-06-04 09:40:46

Dang, he got away with it for 14 years!! I say they should just get on with the execution but I doubt that will happen. I wonder how he managed to bury her entire car without someone noticing?? I read the book “lil Miss” her mother wrote and what he did to her over a period of days is horrid. Who knows what else he’s done they never did find Amy Roe Betchel.

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Comment by dickie
2010-06-04 09:47:36

It’s an affront to society to spend a single dollar to maintain the life of a piece of garbage like Eaton. Predators like him should be dealt with mercilessly and swiftly.

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Comment by Dirty Harry
2010-06-04 10:55:52

Go ahead punk (Eaton) “make my day”!
Execution is your next stop.

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