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Mayor’s worth less than $20K

Submitted by admin on July 7, 2010 – 1:30 pmOne Comment

Chit Chat — Guest Riverton City Administrator Carter Napier — July 7, 2010

By News Director Leslie Stratmoen

CLICK HERE for Audio Version of this story.

Carter Napier


- Just exactly what is a mayor worth to a community? This is the question that lies in front of the current council in Riverton. They’ve been debating the worth of the mayor’s position for several weeks now, first proposing to reduce the annual salary by $6,000 from $18,000 to $12,000 a year and are now back up to the original $18,000, as of last night’s vote. They did eliminate the mayor’s car allowance, though. And that shaves off a benefit of about $4,000.

Napier says…….

That was Riverton City Administrator Carter Napier. He’s gets $120,000 a year for his services. His job is to manage the city’s employees, so all department heads report directory to him, then he reports to the mayor. So, he said, that’s where the ultimate decisions lie.

Napier says …..

The mayor’s salary is still not yet set in stone. The ordinance faces its third and final reading at the next council meeting. And that comes up later this month.

CLICK HERE to hear the entire interview with Riverton City Administrator Carter Napier.

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1 Comment

Comment by blossom
2010-07-07 16:30:32

I think that the mayors income is right on the ball… This job should not be wanted because of money. It should be done for the love of Riverton. Being mayor should be about making Riverton a better place. . not becoming rich.

As far as the city administrator I think that is way to much money for someone who sits behind a desk and just reports to the mayor. I had read awhile ago that the average paycheck in fremont county is roughly 700.00 bi-weekly. I do understand that most of these low paying jobs are for people that do not have higher education.
Although, the other employees that work at the city are considered to have one of the higher paying jobs in Riverton. They are still only making about a 1/3 maybe half if thier lucky of what Carter Napier makes a year. Yet those employees have had their overtime taken away. . . no raises, and have not been able to higher new employees.
It discussed me to hear how much he makes and taking no cuts on his personal life, but everyone else at the city has to cut back on thier personal things because of money issues.

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