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Crash Update: Searchers detect signal

Submitted by Newsroom on October 29, 2010 – 1:01 pmOne Comment

Plane Crash Update: Searchers pick up emergency signal — to hear the report — CLICK HERE

By News Director Leslie Stratmoen

LANDER, Wyo. – A glimmer of hope is shining down today on a Minnesota family from the mountains in Wyoming. Rescuers have picked up an emergency signal believed to be coming from the Mooney single-engine plane that went down Monday afternoon in the Wind River Mountains just below Gannett Peak, which is the highest peak in the state.

This picture was snapped by rescue workers yesterday in the Wind River Mountains.

A ground crew of mountaineers is now working their way toward the signal which is coming from the general area around Bull Lake Creek where they’ve been searching since Tuesday.

One can only imagine what this means to the Bucklin family who’s been back home in Minneapolis praying for a miracle. That the pilot, 41-year-old Luke Bucklin, and his three sons  – 14-year-old twins Nick and Nate and 12-year-old Noah – could still be alive.

The family minister asked for everyone to keep the Bucklin family in their thoughts.

Sommervilles says …..

Authorities say an emergency transmitter like the ELT on the plane can be activated by hand or automatically like an air bag deploys on sudden impact.

The sound was detected by a specially equipped plane yesterday afternoon, but difficult to pinpoint its origin because sound in the mountains bounces of cliff faces.

So a ground crew was sent in today with special hand-held tracking devices and are trying to make their way to the sound which is within the 9-square mile area teams have searching since Tuesday because it’s the last place the plane was tracked on radar while flying form Jackson Hole to Riverton en route home to the Twin Cities.

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1 Comment

Comment by kool_beanz
2010-10-29 17:55:34

The Bucklin family are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish the family the best and pray that everything turns out ok and that the Dad and sons are alive and well.

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