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Latest World News: 10:15 a.m. mst
     UPDATE: At least 10 dead in Karachi bomb attack
     KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) – At least 10 people are dead after a car
bomb exploded in the heart of Pakistan’s largest city today.
     The blast in a high-security section of Karachi destroyed a
police investigation bureau, damaged nearby houses and left a
10-foot wide crater in the road. The area is also home to two
luxury hotels, government offices and the U.S. Consulate, which was
     TV footage showed bloodied victims leaving the scene and
security officers searching through the debris of the police
building. Doctors at a nearby hospital say they’re treating 90
     A local official says militant gunman first opened fire on the
police building before detonating the massive car bomb. The
building has a detention facility that was believed to be holding
criminals and possibly militants.
     The Crime Investigation Department takes the lead in hunting
down terrorists in Karachi. Earlier this week, the agency arrested
six members of a militant Islamist group.
     UPDATE: Sunni-backed pick for speaker is approved
     BAGHDAD (AP) – Iraq lawmakers have approved a Sunni-backed
coalition’s choice for parliament speaker, setting in motion the
process for forming a new government under a deal that returns
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to power.
     Osama al-Nujaifi, a Sunni member of the Iraqiya coalition that
tried to prevent a second al-Maliki term, was approved with 227
votes out of 295 votes cast.
     The agreement worked out late Wednesday gives Iraqiya the
parliament speaker’s post and the Kurds the presidency and keeps
al-Maliki in office.
     Al-Nujaifi is seen as a Sunni hard-liner who has strong backing
among his community in the north but is hated by many Kurds. His
power and personality may be able to bring more authority to what
has before been a lackluster postion.
     NEW: Cuomo opposes 9/11 trial in New York
     NEW YORK (AP) – New York Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo says he’s
against trying the professed mastermind of the Sept. 11 terror
attacks in his state.
     The Democrat addressed the matter for the first time in an
interview with radio host John Gambling on Thursday, a day after
Attorney General Eric Holder said the Obama administration was
close to deciding where to prosecute Khalid Sheik Mohammed.
     Cuomo simply said “no” when asked for his opinion about
whether Mohammed should be tried in New York. When asked if he
would fight to keep the trial away, Cuomo said yes.
     Cuomo had refrained from weighing in on the issue during the
governor’s race.
     New York Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer, along with
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, also oppose a civilian trial
in New York for Mohammed.
     UPDATE: Cruise ship docks in San Diego
     SAN DIEGO (AP) – The stricken cruise ship Carnival Splendor has
reached dock at San Diego’s harbor amid cheers from a waiting
     The nearly 1,000-foot ship reached shore Thursday morning,
hauled by six tugs and escorted by U.S. Coast Guard cutters. Its
arrival comes three days after an engine room fire left it without
power off the Mexican coast.
     Port spokesman John Gilmore says it will take another 45 minutes
to finish docking. The nearly 4,500 passengers and crew can begin
disembarking around noon PST.
     Passengers have been drinking cold water and waiting in line to
eat sandwiches and other cold food since the Splendor lost power on
Monday during a Mexican Riviera cruise out of Long Beach. Navy
helicopters flew in tons of food and supplies from an aircraft
carrier that was diverted from maneuvers.
     UPDATE: Disappinting Cisco outlook sinks stocks
     NEW YORK (AP) – Stocks are falling after a disappointing outlook
from Cisco Systems rattled the market.
     For the second straight quarter, Cisco has provided investors
with a disappointing sales forecast. Its shares are down more than
15 percent.
     Traders are also cautious during a meeting of world leaders, who
are trying to come up with unified plans to strengthen a weak
global economy. The Group of 20 is aiming to ramp up worldwide
growth as countries grapple with currency manipulation, trade gaps
and potential protectionism.
     Rates fall to fresh lows
     NEW YORK (AP) – Rates on fixed mortgages dropped to their lowest
levels in decades this week after the Federal Reserve unveiled a
massive bond-buying program to help spur economic growth.
     Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac says the average rate for 30-year
fixed loans fell to 4.17 percent from 4.24 percent last week.
That’s the lowest on records dating back to 1971.
     The average rate on 15-year fixed loans fell to 3.57 percent
from 3.63 percent. That’s the lowest since the survey began in
     The Fed detailed plans last week to buy $600 billion in Treasury extra demand means Treasurys will produce lower yields
for invtgage rates tend to track those yields.
     NEW: Aide says comatose ex-Israeli PM being moved to ranch
     JERUSALEM (AP) – Ariel Sharon’s former aide says the comatose
ex-Israeli premier will be moved to his ranch in Israel’s south.
     Sharon, one of Israel’s most popular and controversial figures,
has been in the long-term care unit of Tel Hashomer Hospital
outside Tel Aviv since suffering a series of strokes in 2006.
     The aide, Raanan Gissin, told The Associated Press, “the plan
is by the end of the week for him to return home.”
     Sharon, now 82, was stricken months after completing Israel’s
unilateral 2005 withdrawal from Gaza and setting up the centrist
Kadima Party, after failing to get backing from his hawkish Likud
for the pullout.
     Those steps represented a turnaround for Sharon, who made his
name as a hard-line ex-general.
     NEW: Producer Dino De Laurentiis dies at age 91
     LOS ANGELES (AP) – Dino De Laurentiis, a film impresario and
producer of “Serpico,” “Barbarella” and “Death Wish,” has
died. He was 91.
     The Academy Award-winning producer’s daughter Raffaella De
Laurentiis said in a statement that her father was surrounded by
family when he died Wednesday night at his home in Beverly Hills.
She did not give a cause of death.
     De Laurentiis was a legend of Italian New Wave filmmaking. His
works also included “Bitter Rice,” “La Strada” and
     He also helped make a star out of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he
produced “Conan the Barbarian” and its sequel, “Conan the
     Brazil tests literacy of clown elected to Congress
     SAO PAULO (AP) – In Brazil, not just any old clown can get
elected to Congress. He also has to pass a test to prove he’s
qualified to serve.
     That clown would be Grumpy, also known as Francisco Silva. He
received more votes than any other candidate for the legislature in
last month’s election. But there’s a constitutional mandate in
Brazil that federal lawmakers be literate, so Grumpy is taking a
closed-door exam to demonstrate that he can read and write.
     Ten percent of Brazilians are illiterate, and allegations arose
during the campaign that Grumpy was among them. A judge ruled that
discrepancies between the handwriting on Silva’s application to run
for Congress and on other documents were enough to require the
     Silva acknowledges that his wife helped him write his
application, saying he has trouble holding a pen form between this
thumb and index finger.
     Silva received about 1.3 million votes, nearly twice as many as
the next highest vote getter, running on slogans including: “It
can’t get any worse.”
     Ohio teacher accused of sleeping on job is fired

     SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) – A northwestern Ohio school board is firing
a longtime teacher after an investigation concluded she slept in
class and repeatedly arrived late.
     The firing of 72-year-old Carol Smith by Perkins district
officials was recommended by a referee in the matter who said her
actions were “totally unprofessional” and threatened the safety
of her middle and high school students.
     School board vice president Steve Schuster said Wednesday’s vote
to terminate the 34-year veteran teacher followed lengthy
     The Sandusky Register reports students had testified class was
“unruly” when Smith was late and that they played computer games
when she slept.
     Smith said she was late a handful of times and denied falling
asleep. She testified a condition required her to rest her eyes.
     (Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)
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