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Submitted by Newsroom on February 10, 2011 – 7:48 am28 Comments


Hot Springs Co. concerned about possible casino

     THERMOPOLIS, Wyo. (AP) – The Hot Springs County Commission is concerned that a proposed land deal between the federal government and the Northern Arapaho Tribe could lead to a casino being built near Thermopolis.

     Last December, the commission was notified of a proposal for the U.S. government to acquire Hot Springs County land to be held in trust for the use and benefit of the tribe. The 242 acres is within two miles of Thermopolis.

In a letter to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the commissioners say they understand that the land will be used to build a new casino. While not taking a position on the development of a casino on the property, the board expressed concerns about potential problems if a casino is built.



     Yellowstone bison capture tops 500 animals

     BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) – State and federal officials have captured 133 more wild bison from Yellowstone National Park for disease testing and possible slaughter.

     Wednesday’s capture operation brought the total number of bison being held along the park’s northern border to 513.

     Park officials say the impending slaughter of those animals that test positive for the disease brucellosis remains on hold because of a pending court challenge.

     But with the park’s Stephens Creek corrals approaching capacity, administrators are running out of options as migrating bison continue to pour into Montana in search of food at lower elevations.

     Yellowstone’s 3,700 bison are prized for their pure genetics, but largely prohibited from wandering into Montana out of fears they could transfer brucellosis to livestock. The disease can cause pregnant animals to miscarry.    



     High school rodeo finals in search of home in 2012

     GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) – The National High School Finals Rodeo is looking for a home.

     The annual event will be held in Gillette this summer and had been scheduled to take place in Springfield, Ill., in 2012 and 2013.

     Now Springfield has pulled the plug on the rodeo following projections the event would lose $1 million – a lot of red ink in a state with a budget crisis.

     The rodeo also was held at the Cam-plex events center in Gillette last year.

     That won’t be possible in 2012. The Cam-plex already is booked up with RV rallies that summer.

     Farmington, N.M., also has had trouble making money on the rodeo, though there has been no such problem in Gillette.

     The rodeo rotates between the three cities every few years.

Gillette News Record



     Special Olympians compete in Jackson

     JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) – More than 370 athletes, coaches and spectators are in Jackson Hole this week for the state winter Special Olympics.

     The Special Olympics officially kicked off Tuesday with opening ceremonies at Jackson Hole High School.

     Events are being held at Jackson Hole Mountain Ski Resort.

     The ski events include the slalom, giant slalom and super G.

Jackson Hole News & Guide


     Wyo. House backs allowing guns in cars at work

     CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) – Wyoming employers wouldn’t be able to prohibit workers from keeping guns in their vehicles at the workplace under a bill that has passed the state House of Representatives.

     The House on Wednesday voted 36-23 in favor of a bill sponsored by Cody Republican Rep. Sam Krone.

     Krone says he’s heard from workers who have to drive long distances to get to work and are concerned about their personal safety while commuting because of employer gun bans.

     But opponents of the bill said they’re concerned it would violate employers’ private property rights.

     Sheridan Republican Rep. Jon Botten says he has the right to ban a vehicle from his property if he finds a bumper-sticker offensive. He says he also should be able to insist that no firearms are allowed.

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-02-10 08:40:31

I wonder if I could talk the federal government into buying some land for me and holding it in trust so I can start a business?

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Comment by 82501
2011-02-10 15:46:53

You should find out sofaspud, maybe you’ll finally have a life out of the internet world.

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-02-10 16:19:23

Maybe we should go in on it together. You’re obviously on the internet enough to know how much I’m on the internet. Or at least you think you do.
Do you have anything substantive to add to the discussion?

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Comment by 82501
2011-02-10 16:55:49

Nah I wouldn’t associate with you. There is never any discussion when YOU post, it’s more of a rant. Sofaspud is always “woe is me”LOL

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Comment by county10
2011-02-11 02:40:36

oh sofaspud the Indian Basher. Still up 2 the same ol same ol I see. If u could only see how obvious you look on the outside….lol Just burns u up inside to see natives have something u dont.

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Comment by county10
2011-02-11 02:43:08

There are 4 other articles on this page besides the one dealing with Indians….Typical comment coming from you.

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-02-11 06:47:01

I was just wondering where the money was coming from for this land deal. Given the fact that our federal government is broke. But why worry about something like that as long as someone else is footing the bill.

And how many other people out there get 242 acres of land to start a business?

Typical comment coming from you. Disagree with anything related to the reservation and get called and Indian Basher. Name calling: the last resort of someone who doesn’t have a valid argument.

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-02-11 14:57:50

or better yet john “sofa” wayne….maybe you should buy the land like the arapaho tribe did…feds never paid for it….the ranch bought it

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-02-11 15:31:24

hii3oobee…it’s been awhile. Good to hear from you. I see you’re still into name calling too.

So what your telling me is that this isn’t a “proposed” land deal it’s a done deal? The ranch paid the feds and the feds paid Hot Springs County?

If that’s the case I don’t see a problem. Is that what happened with this 242 acres?

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-02-11 15:57:42

gee do you ever stop?…the ranch bought the property a few years ago, the property is at the mouth of the canyon where the shipping yards are, ajoining tribal trust ground….some of it like the actual railroad stockyard was purchased decades ago, the other land included was purchased by the ranch a few years ago…by the ranch!!..not the feds

the feds involvemnt is because it is fee ground owned by the tribe and the feds have to accept it into federal trust status therfor becomeing tribal lands held in trust by the federal government for the ownership of the arapaho tribe as opposed to what it is now…fee land owned by the tribe

of course in your ever present crusade against the tribe you probably wont understand

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-02-11 16:09:52

Now…was that so hard? No name calling needed was there? Your explanation makes sense to me. Was any of the information you gave me in the original article? No, I don’t think so.

Funny thing is I don’t have to resort to name calling to be called a racist. All I have to do is question just about any little thing reservation related to be called the worst of the worst.

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Comment by 82501
2011-02-11 16:41:55

Ahh after a long day of work, thought I would read riverton radio. What did you do today sofaspud? Oh yeah you sat on the couch eating your potato chips and surfing the internet all day and posting. lol hii3oobee, don’t explain to explain the facts to sofaspud, let him remain an ignorant

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-02-11 16:46:55

82501: I haven’t seen you post one thing related to the article. Is that all you know how to do is call names and cast insults? It must be easier.

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Comment by 82501
2011-02-11 16:49:38

Hey why should I educate you? You been posting on here since 6:00 this morning. What a life….or lack there of.

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Comment by 82501
2011-02-11 16:56:10

Here’s my post about an article. The workplace and guns.Hmm…Well I probably can’t have a discussion about that as it’s something sofaspud can’t relate to as he doesn’t work. And he’s the only one posting 24 hours a day on here.

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-02-11 17:00:45

Again. Nothing relevant. Post again and keep proving my point, if you want. Doesn’t bother me.

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Comment by county10
2011-02-13 10:17:02

It’s very relevant! Maybe b4 you judge others and consistently make comments criticizing every piece of news (particularly certain groups) on here, you will know how it feels.

What do you contribute to society?

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-02-13 16:47:07

I believe it’s called “Having An Opinion”. Still legal in this country. Still legal on the reservation.

After reading the article, what other conclusion could have been reached other than the feds were going to “acquire” land from Hot Springs County and give it to the Arapaho Tribe? After his own name calling tirade was complete, hii3oobee was able to give a reasonable explanation as to what was going on with this land deal. I’m still going to do some verification on my own, but what he said made sense to me.

Now, some others in the comment section have done nothing to contribute anything relevant to the discussion. If name calling and casting dispersions is your idea of “relevant discussion” there isn’t much I can do about that. If my opinion on things upsets you so much perhaps you should refrain from viewing the comment section of the articles. Or you could come up with some of your own opinions and/or facts to counter some of mine. Opinions that don’t involve name calling and over-exaggerations as I’m pretty sure no one in here is still in grade school.

Yes, I visit Riverton Radio to catch up on some local news. Yes, I comment on some of the articles, the last I believe was in the middle of January (not quite 24 hours a day/7 days a week). Yes, my comments are mostly geared to tribal politics.

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-02-14 09:41:20

for the record…the story not once said ” the feds were buying land and giving it to the tribe” thats your own typical reasoning

it said :Last December, the commission was notified of a proposal for the U.S. government to acquire Hot Springs County land to be held in trust for the use and benefit of the tribe

again the feds have to agree to put fee land into federal trust ownership…thats the aquire part

i believe the story wasnt clear to that effect so i give you some slack

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Comment by 82501
2011-02-14 14:40:26

so sofaspud what did you internet research amount to in “verifying” the information explained to you over and over by Educate us. Why is this story so important to you to began with. Is this land “purchase” going to directly affect you? You afraid you’re going to get kicked off your land like a native american? LOL And for your information: The country and the reservation are one and the same.What’s wrong you can talk your S*** about everyone and everything regarding the reservation and race, but you can’t take it? Then you should take your own advice and don’t post.

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-02-15 12:06:28

“Over and over”? Exaggerate much? I was sure this wasn’t grade school. I believe his first explanation was a little vague. His second was more detailed and satisfied my curiosity about the deal. So, if that’s “over and over” so be it.

If the land deal was as implied in the article and the feds were purchasing it from Hot Springs Counts and putting it into trust for the tribe, then yes it would have directly affected me. It would have been my tax money and the federal government is broke as it is. As has been previously stated, this is not the case.

The reservation and the country are one in the same? I’m not so sure about that. True we all live in America, but sometimes I think I’m in another country the way things are run. And aren’t the tribes always touting their “sovereignty”. I already know what hii3oobee is say: the reservation is sovereign like the state of Wyoming or Fremont County is sovereign. So be it, I’m not going to argue that point now, but when you cross the reservation boundary things are different and things are done different.

I seem to be able to take it just fine. I don’t think I have called anyone any names. I haven’t had the need to curse. I think it was proved above that my assumption about the land deal was wrong. I am happy to be corrected. As stated before, what I find ridiculous and hypocritical is the fact that when anyone criticizes, or questions, anything tribal or reservation related, that person is automatically attacked as a racist, reservation hating, “indain basher”. Don’t resort to name calling and unfounded accusations, defend your argument with the facts.

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Comment by county10
2011-02-15 19:31:35

Prejudice is a prejudgment, an assumption made about someone or something before having adequate knowledge to be able to do so with guaranteed accuracy. The word prejudice is most commonly used to refer to a preconceived judgment toward a people or a person because of race, social class, gender, ethnicity, homelessness, age, disability, political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.

It also means beliefs without knowledge of the facts and may include “any unreasonable attitude that is unusually resistant to rational influence.

And if u wanted to talk “big kid” talk you would have to be aware of what is really going on in this country. I could tie some similarities that reservations and tribes face with the rest of America. We are all slaves and a victim to advancing progress. There are a limited few that hold your and my future in their hands.

You want to talk about free handouts and payoffs look no further than our government “bailouts” that have been nothing but a transfer wealth to the elite shot callers. And please leave out the same old comment of “get out and vote”. You would have to be an idiot to believe that things will change from voting in either party’s candidates.

Saying things like …..“I wonder if I could talk the federal government into buying some land for me and holding it in trust so I can start a business?”

Is nothing but disrespectful sarcasm..If the shoe fits, wear it!

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Comment by county10
2011-02-15 19:51:48

Also you still have not replied to defend that you indeed work for a living. It seems you have ignored that part of the argument.

What taxes would you have been affected by if indeed this situation was as your un-educated guess? I was going to use the old saying “numbskull” in regard to your 1st post, but I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings.

And please stop playing the poor me card and claiming you were attacked for asking a simple justified question. Read your 1st post again, it tells all of your mentality and it fits the criteria of prejudice.

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-02-15 21:01:02

Wikipedia? Really? At least we know you can cut and paste. How much of the rest of your post was cut and pasted?

So, “beliefs without knowledge of the facts”. Like how you assume I don’t have a job? Like how you assume I don’t have an education? Like how you assume I’m on the internet 24/7. Like how you assume I don’t want positive change on the reservation? I think we both know what happens when we assume. It makes an ass out of u and me.

I couldn’t agree with you more on the bailouts and handouts that our federal government has given out over the years. That’s why our national debt now equals the nation’s economy (got that off the news, not Wikipedia)(oops, sorry, more sarcasm). I agree that neither party has the best interest of the people in mind. So because everyone else is doing it, it’s ok for us to do it? So because our elected officials both on and off the reservation do nothing to improve the quality of life for anyone but themselves, we should just sit back? Join in the destruction?

The sarcasm in my first post was to illicit a response. I’d say it worked. I’m sorry it was hurtful.

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Comment by county10
2011-02-16 03:10:50

Way to grab at straws….lol

You said:
“Don’t resort to name calling and unfounded accusations, defend your argument with the facts”

I listed a reliable source and definition. What is wrong with wikipedia? It’s a huge source for information on the web.

Read through my posts again. When did I say any of those things you are claiming? I asked you questions that you refuse to answer. Umm I don’t even know what race you are so your effort to turn my example on me just doesn’t cut the mustard.

As for the rest of your post it really doesn’t make any sense….everyone else doing what? I’m not sitting back and watching the destruction. I am learning everyday from many resources, even have read a few wiki’s oooohhhh sin….lol

I don’t see a valid argument with your last post, I’m sorry!

OOOhhh the national debt, please tell me you are more awake then that?

I’m done with my late night smoke so later.

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-02-17 10:33:37


Just a quick question on the land in question. Was the land purchased within the boundaries of the reservation? On the boarder of the reservation? Or outside the boundary?

Just read the article in (deleted by management). Kind of funny how they say they aren’t taking a stance on the possibility of a casino, but seems pretty obvious they are against it. I can see some of the points they bring up about infrastructure and jurisdiction though.

I hope that this comment wasn’t too racist. No “indian bashing”, I don’t think. I tried not to hurt any ones feelings. Oops I see it. That last sentence. That could be construed as prejudice (as defined by Wikipedia). Sorry. I’m trying to work on that. Please be patient with me.

NOTE FROM SITE MANAGEMENT: It’s time to move on!

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Comment by 82501
2011-02-17 16:15:18

LMAO sofaspud…was that cut and paste? Ouch! you were actually told to move on.LOL

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-02-18 09:11:22

within the historic reservation as land that was homesteaded on.

thermop commish is gonna show thier anti indian side soon enough,
i had to laugh at the statment they are concerned with the fact its a national scenic hiway, yet the biggest eyesore of the whole dam canyon is that (** DELETED BY MANAGEMENT) turist trap right in the middle…wonder why theres no concern there?

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