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Barrasso to BIA: What’s the plan?

Submitted by Newsroom on April 20, 2011 – 12:59 pm18 Comments

US Sen. John Barrasso speaking at the Intertribal Center dedication in Riverton. Photo by Leslie Stratmoen

TODAY on Chit Chat: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

U.S. Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming stopped by Chit Chat this morning on his way to the Wind River Irrigation hearing at Central Wyoming College in Riverton. As the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs he was here to see what the BIA plans to do about the outdated irrigation system.

He also talked about the national debt and federal health care plan.

To listen to the interview with News Director Leslie Stratmoen — CLICK HERE

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-04-21 10:32:33

senator barrasso needed to state some facts…i think what he’s doing is great…hopefully it bears fruit

first fact…the tribal people under this system now pay 20 dollars per acre for the irigation whether they irrigate or not

in alot of cases even if the people wanted to irrigate…the bia isnt able to deliver the water anyway…but they still owe

because these ditches were built..thousands of acres of tribal ground were lost in the early days…when your billing a old indian in 1920 who cant speak english, has no income, and just a few decades before was chasing buffalo…wheres he gonna get the money to pay for this new service, one dollar an acre was alot of money in them days…the bia at that time forced them to sell thier land to pay the bill

the bia cannot lobby for funds…unlike other federal agencys like the BOR who have lobbied for close to 80 million in free tax money to maintain and improve the midvale system over the past 30 years

that there has been no major work on the bia system done by the bia since 1930…any improvements have been done by the tribes getting the money

hopefully things do change

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-04-21 11:43:52

No…that can’t be. Have to watch out for that barrasso. He’s been nothing but a headache for the tribes. Sneaky republicans anyway. (couldn’t resist hii300bee).

I heard the operation in crowheart is set up a little different than down here. I hear their operation runs pretty smooth and efficient. What are the differences?

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-04-21 12:20:50

whats the differance?…they are all basicaally single owner lands…one 80 or 40 typically has one owner…they have a small ditch 30-40fs…all the land is typicially farmed with zero idle lands

down here you got 40 acre lands with 200 heirs. many many idle lands

the bench users are a small group…not all of crowheart runs like that…just two small ditches…upper A and lower A

they entered into an agreemment with bia to manage the ditch themselfs… 100% agreement…you aint gonna get that down here

up there the majority of those guys are non indian…vast majority…down here indian

it could work here…on small ditches with minimal ownership…up there lets say you may have 1500 acres under one ditch agreement with 20 land owners controlling 100% of the land…here you may have 2000 land owners on those same 1500 acres

its a whole differant animal

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-04-21 12:31:15

With most of the idle land being fractured, is it going to be possible to put it to agricultural use even if all the irrigation was upgraded? Seems to me the issue of fractured land needs to be cleaned up before alot of things can or should happen out here.

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-04-21 14:32:41

yes an no

the irrigation is a problem as well as lease fees by the bia
20 per acre for water…which you may or may not get…we had seasons where the water was out by july

20 per acre minimum for lease within the irrigation project…which is basically most allotments

so you got 40 an acre before you plow, disc seed, fertilize

then it doesnt matter to them if its justweeds, grass pasture or new alfalfa…its all 40 per acre

i had a lease for summer pasture…80 acres all of it sage brush and greasewood…when i had to renew under these new regs it was 53 acres under water even though there was no ditches…and those same 53 accres 20 per for the lease

see where im going?…2120 bucks just for the 53 acres of sage brush plus another 12 per acre for the 27 not under a ditch

i could not afford it…and thats alot of the problem…even if a tribal member wanted to keep horses on a allotment as pasture…he’s paying the same amount as feglers and his 3 cuttings of $150 per ton alfalfa..or webbers sugar beet fields

its alot differant for a guy like me with zero cows or equipment to afford a land then it is for a established farmer or rancher with everything

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Comment by 4realman
2011-04-22 12:38:36

uh well here we go again. The dude that wants things done busts his butt and gets er did. Why wasn’t da Arapahoe councilman prepared for the hearing. Cause he aint interested in the irragation cause it dont bring the money. Thats the problem with da leadership. No WORK experience. JUST da hand outs.
That thinkin probably goes for some at the BIA. Why is it the ones who contribute the most, do the work and provide for the family are the bad ones. Them Crowheart boys bust butt. Hows about we do the same down here. Wonder if dem slackers at the BIA realize they are hurting tribal members. Just a thought.

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-04-25 11:28:40

most bia people get “instatutionalized” after a few years…they may start the job thinking of the help they can give, but withing a year or so …they follow the bia imposed regs fully, they dont wanna lose the healthcare insurance, huge 401k retirement plan, life insurance, steady wage increases and or cost of living increases…and doing right for the poeple becomes less important then protecting the retirement plan….jmo

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Comment by county10
2011-04-25 18:33:18


To answer your question about the NABC, they are out for personal gain. The funny part about this is they believe they have the people fooled. Its all over the rez the things they have been doing since they took office. I have heard nothing but disgust from the people. Your 15 minutes of fame is up!!

Without giving them too much info on whats coming!!!

ALL Northern Arapaho People Show these self serving thugs that we the Arapaho are not blind. We will not sit idle while you fill your pockets and let our elders starve and go without heat.

Recall the NABC!!!!!!

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Comment by 4realman
2011-04-25 19:43:55

OUCH! county10. Gotta educate the people on the issues and get away from that easy money this council keepsa dolin out. Tooo many people on peanuts.
The Irragation situation is a result of half #$%% and pure lazieness. On all sides of da ditch. Arapaho and Shoshone peeps need ta flat get off der butts. The last and current ABC are not business savey not one of them can read a freakin bank statement. Not one of them understands the water code. They spen more time rapen the casino. whats next ABC no free drinks in da casino! Do your home work ABC, your going to loose it all.
Personal gain, theyd be broke 2 weeks after they got the boot. Productivity is ZERO look at tribal worker versus da casino worker. Look at the ABC finance office versus the Casino Finance.

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Comment by county10
2011-04-25 21:16:23

Ya thats something that plagues the whole country. Living on free money made out of thin air. You heard Barrasso, “10 million in 5 minutes” of borrowed money.

The same thing is happening in our country on a larger scale. The “welfare state” is a helping hand in bankrupting the USA(pun intended) but theres more to the story and it goes way off topic. Helping the needy is not the problem. Its the ones who jump on that boat that dont need it that ruins it for the deserving.

The point is if our leaders are not willing to look out for the best interest of the tribe then let someone else have a go.

Its too late for alot of folks that deserve assistance. The old cannot just jump up and go gung ho to the job service. It is up to the young to help their old now.

The leaders we have now are not helping anyone but their friends, family, and sellout voters!! Its such a shame that people will vote for a council person in exchange for a grant or quick buck. YOU ALL LOSE IN THE END. Your children will suffer for it.

When its time to make the change. Do the right thing this time!!!!

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Comment by county10
2011-04-25 21:22:06

Oh yes I forgot the HUSH Money!!!! People taking the money to keep silent!! Pretty Much everyone up at that office!

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Comment by county10
2011-04-25 21:28:01

Just want to say thanks to Riverton Radio for a place to express views. Its a little off topic but its very important.

Also the majority of Us tribal members were against the media “boycott” not long ago. Our “leaders” were just mad that people saw the truth in the (*local paper). (*CHANGED BY MANAGEMENT)

I also want to apologize to everyone for taking this off topic.

TERMS OF POSTING ON THIS SITE: Posts which contain the names of businesses not specifically named in the story upon which you are commenting will be removed.

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-04-26 10:47:53

Ct10: your points are saddly more correct than wrong
there is still a huge amount of grants being funneled out of the tribes meager pockets….when these people ran on the platform of reform…reform the government…do whats right…stay home and take care of busines….they forgot as soon as they cashed thier first check

they are constantly in travel…still megabucks handed out to the same people over an over in grants…i lost all my money and cant pay my lights….i hurt my pinky and cant work, need money…then you see those same people at the casino gambling

i only wish we could elect people for what they do good, not for how much they spend to secure votes

we have positions created, hired without a budget in place yet, without advertising, without money to fund them

someday we shall see true leaders…but not today

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-04-26 13:41:40

(banging head against wall)


Isn’t that what I’ve been saying all along?

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-04-27 10:22:16

no…what you been saying is we tribal people are inheriently lawless with little morals and who are better off giving up the rez and sovereingty

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-04-27 12:36:10

no…that’s how you misinterpreted what I’ve been saying. What I’ve been saying and trying to get across (unsuccessfully) is exactly what you stated above. But something tells me you will never admit that we could ever be on the same page on this issue.

It was good to hear your comments above though. A small step forward I think. I just hope the “true leaders” step up before it’s too late.

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-04-28 11:04:43

well im not gonna totaly condemm these people yet…after only a few months…what they inherited was a large group of people who expect, demand the money from the tribe, have been raised over the past ten years to expect the tribe to pay for everything….its probably hard to say no

never the less…it has to be done…i have never once gotten a grant…i have had my utilities disconected… found a way to pay it myself..went without…i have lost vehicles when losing income…i carry on

we have allowed a large group of members to become totaly relient on the tribe handing them a check every other week.

people come on wake up

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Comment by 4realman
2011-04-28 13:11:49

UHH you gotta stop sum time. How about now. The Fed is broke wake up. OUR Casino will be next! As well as da ranch. TheN BIA will run it all!

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