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UPDATE: Motel Killing, Perez

Submitted by Newsroom on August 31, 2011 – 11:30 am32 Comments

UPDATE: Motel killing, Perez

By News Director Leslie Stratmoen

RIVERTON, Wyo. – A recently released coroner’s report states that Cesar Perez Jr. who was found dead earlier this month at a Riverton motel died of cuts and contusions to his central nervous system from a gunshot to his head fired from “close or intermediate range.” That’s what Fremont County Coroner Ed McAuslan has filed on his verdict and case docket.

The finding supports an earlier report by Riverton police that the 24-year-old from Baytown, Texas, was shot in the head following an altercation at Roomers Motel on Aug. 12.

Charged with his murder is 25-year-old Erasmo Castillo who was apprehended by local police following a two-day man hunt hiding out at the Beaver Creek Housing complex south of Riverton on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Authorities believe he was trying to hitch a ride back to Texas. He was still carrying the handgun believed to be used in the shooting.

Two others alleged to be involved were arrested for interference. They’ve been named as 35-year-old Ricardo Rocha and 38-year-old Roberto Vasquez. All four men were staying at the motel, coming from the Houston suburb of Baytown to work for a company in Lysite.

Riverton Police Capt. Eric Murphy said earlier that the victim was found dead on the floor in one of the rooms at the motel. Police had been called to the motel by management about a half an hour after the shooting.

Tune in to KVOW’s Chit Chat this morning — to hear News Director Leslie Stratmoen’s interview with Capt. Eric Murphy of the Riverton Police Department about Friday’s homicide and subsequent arrest. That airs at 8, right after the news, on 1450 AM.

UPDATE: Murder suspect caught, victim named,broadcast in First News Aug. 16

By News Director Leslie Stratmoen

RIVERTON, Wyo. — Local authorities have apprehended the suspect involved in a weekend homicide in Riverton and released the name of the man who was killed.

Fremont County Coroner Ed McAuslan said the victim was 23-year-old Cesar Perez Jr. of Baytown, Texas. Charged with his murder is 25-year-old Erasmo Castillo who was found Sunday night after a two-day man hunt and arrested.

Capt. Eric Murphy of the Riverton Police Department said Perez was shot in the head at the Roomers Motel on Riverton’s main thoroughfare of Federal Boulevard. The two men were staying there, with two other men, all coming from the Houston suburb of Baytown to work for a company in Lysite.

The companions – 35-year-old Ricardo Rocha and 38-year-old Roberto Vasquez – were both arrested for interference.

The police captain said the victim was shot after some sort of altercation in a room there at the motel. He was found dead on the floor when police arrived, called there by motel management about a half an hour after the shooting.

The suspect, Castillo, was found hiding out at the Beaver Creek Housing complex on the Wind River Indian Reservation south of Riverton trying to hitch a ride back to Texas. The vehicle the four came to Riverton in had been towed by police as evidence. The suspect was still carrying the handgun police believe was used in the shooting.

Police Capt. Murphy credited the Bureau of Indian Affairs for the arrest, saying his department couldn’t have done it without them because Riverton police have no jurisdiction on the reservation.

UPDATE: HOMICIDE SUSPECT CAUGHT, broadcast 11:45 Midday Update, Aug. 15

By News Director Leslie Stratmoen

RIVERTON, Wyo. — The suspect involved in a homicide over the weekend in Riverton has been apprehended. Riverton Police Capt. Eric Murphy said they caught 25-year-old Erasmo Castillo last night around midnight. Local police had been searching for the suspect for most of the weekend.

The police captain said he’d be issuing a statement to the press about the incident and subsequent arrest later today.

UPDATE: Homicide suspect still at large, broadcast in First News Monday, Aug. 15

By News Director Leslie Stratmoen

RIVERTON, Wyo. — It was the Riverton police who reported the homicide over the weekend. No details about the incident have yet been released by the department, but the suspect, 25-year-old Erasmo Castillo is still at large.

Det. Todd Baxter says the suspect is armed and dangerous.

The police detective describes the suspect as a 6-foot tall, 175 pound, dark skinned 25-year-old who has a mustache and short hair, not quite buzzed cut. When last seen, he was wearing jeans and a blue and white striped polo style shirt.

If spotted, police warn do not approach. Call the police station. That number is 856-4891.

BREAKING NEWS: Suspect armed, dangerous, broadcast Saturday, Aug. 13

 – Local authorities are searching for a suspect involved in a homicide last night. He’s been identified as Erasmo Castillo. Police say he’s armed and dangerous.

Det. Todd Baxter described the suspect as a 6-foot tall dark-skinned 25-year-old weighing 175 pounds with a mustache and short hair, not quite buzzed cut. He was last seen wearing jeans and a blue and white striped polo style shirt.

Police say do not approach him. Call the police station. That number is 856-4891.

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Comment by maddmama
2011-08-14 13:43:49

This angers me for more than one reason. This guy works for an electrical company out of Texas. Rather than hire locally Conoco Phillips brought in this company full of thugs and non resident aliens to do work that many residents right here in Fremont County desperately need. I hope this incident will get them all shipped back to where they came from!

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Comment by mike thomas
2011-08-14 17:20:32

First of all the guy was an American citizen.I think it is horrible what happen,but don’t use it as an excuse to spread your hate. I think your a racist and if your ancesters were not native American you need to go back from were you came from. I’ve met plenty of Mexican workers and most of them are hard working family oriented people. I hope they catch the guy who did this.God bless the family of the victim.

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Comment by luvmyfamily
2011-08-14 22:54:56

Thanks mike thomas, I agree. It is very sad what happened and before knowing the facts we should not judge. For all we know it could have been a horrible freak accident. Iluvmyfamily!

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Comment by TrueTalk
2011-08-15 13:41:34

That’s correct we should not judge!!! But in this case the Murderer is a repetitive abuser! He should have been taken off the streets sooner!!!! He deserves more than what he will get!! Accident?! Really who are u trying to fool?! He should have never ran!! My deepest condolences go out to the victims family and may god give them the strength they will need in this difficult time!!

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Comment by luvmyfamily
2011-08-15 15:01:53

Like I said before you don’t know the facts, yes he shouldn’t have ran but there’s reasons. Even though I still don’t understand why god does things it is very hurtful for everyone in the family. If you’re not in the family’s shoes don’t disrespect by stating your negative opinion without knowing the FACTS! If you want to comment you can’t turn back time so make it positive! That’s showing better character on your behalf. thanks, Iluvmyfamily!

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Comment by ana
2011-08-16 00:55:09

ok first of all the guy is and American citizen.I’m a good friend of Erasmo Castillo and hes family we dont relly know any details of what really happen but i can tell yall that erasmo is a really great person and so was hes cousin cesar theyre not thugs erasmo enjoy playing with hes son the whole time he can be consider a family guy and cesar well he was a great guy i cant even imagine what happen that day if yall can please tell me what came in the news or what information have they given out we would really appreciate it. BAYTOWN,TX

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Comment by county10
2011-08-16 09:24:46


Im sorry but IMHO really great people dont shoot their cousin in the head no matter the situation. You may have thought he was a really great guy and unless his cousin was hurting his family or something like that what could justify his actions?

I feel for the victims family and Castillos family. Noone has the right to take anothers life unless they are defending themselves or family.

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Comment by TrueTalk
2011-08-16 11:12:52

OMG!! He is not a family man!!! He is a low life abuser crack head! He just got out of jail for beating his baby momma not too long ago, his baby momma!!! Really this guy is Trash!! a family man is that of a man who is not perfect but does not hurt who they love REPEATEDLY!! Not to mention killing his own FAMILY member!! Y’all make me sick!! I’m out for good on this!!

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Comment by luvmyfamily
2011-08-16 11:27:36

If you don’t know what really happened or personally know my cousins don’t say negative crap. It (DELETED BY MANAGEMENT) me of because people who didn’t know them don’t know how great of cousins they were and how this is hurting everyone. This was a horrible freak accident and nobody can believe it happened. I never in a million years thought one day I would get a call at early hours of the morning and hear what I heard that day. I’ts like something you see in a movie or hear on the news and it happened to someone else you have no idea who they are and it’s so damn unbelievable to me still.I’m only a few years older than them and saw them grow up together. They were like brothers always together from when they were little, and I know that my cousin Erasmo always had Cesar’s back no matter what. I’m hurting for both my cousins because I know it was an accident. I know my cousin must be in shock and wants to see Cesar. I lost a great cousin and it hurts me that he was so far away and wish I could have at least have been there to see him, hold his hand idk. It’s hard waiting for him to arrive and it’s going to be even harder when he’s here and realize that it is not a nightmare this really did happen. He still had lots of life left and god took him too soon, he’s in a better place and I guess god needed him that’s what I hear. Thanks for the positive comments and thoughts.

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Comment by nidia
2011-08-16 11:45:18


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Comment by EJMARIE7
2011-08-16 13:04:07

You have some deep issues with yourself…AND HE WAS AN AMERICAN. Not every hispanic person is illegal..Please educate yourself.

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Comment by ElisabethCastillo
2011-08-16 13:04:39

My heart is filled with sorrow for both families.

Yes we do not know why these things happen, but we do know how things can sometimes get out of control, right before our eyes. Even between good friends and or family. So dont be quick to judge others.

And as for the wife beater, comment. If he REPEATEDLY did it, then she deserved it, for going back, REPEATEDLY.

Maybe this happened under the influence, its not a good excuse but it happens. We can all be hold accountable for this, and even allowing our own family and friends over do the drinking and or using drugs. So even join in the fun. So if you are free of all of these, then throw your stone.

My love and deepest sympathy goes out to all the Lopez and Castillo Families.

P.S. Nune we love you and always will
-Lisa Castillo

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Comment by EJMARIE7
2011-08-16 13:09:09

I went to high school with erasmo and seen him a some of my family members get togethers…All i can say is this is a horrible thing and I hope and pray for your family and everyone affected gets through this. Best wishes

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Comment by erika10
2011-08-16 14:19:33

Seriously if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all. Before you judge people think what would jesus do and say? In the word of God it says forgivness is a must and important, so instead of talking all this mess about the situation, you people need to be praying for both and eveyone involved in this horrible incident. Although we might not understand why certain things happen in this world, we have to believe and have faith in the Lord and that it was apart of God’s plan for the victim to go and he in resting in peace now. This world is only going to get worse i hope everyone knows that.

my love goes out to all the people who were affected. Families and friends. hang in there for the Lord has a plan for each and everyone of us and it was his time to go. my love goes out to erasmo castillo,may he ask for forgivness and be saved.

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Comment by mike thomas
2011-08-16 15:21:18

Just reviewed the pulic records. Erasmo Castillo is a repeated abuser who was repeatedly bailed out of jail . Never to be thought a lesson for his wrong doings .Happens time and time again family bails son ,brother, cousin, ect. out of jail never letting them realize the consequence of thier actions. Feel bad for the Victim’s family . They’re gonna throw the book at the alleged Murder here in Wyoming 99% white prison population.

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Comment by county10
2011-08-16 17:07:16

Though I feel sorrow for the Victims Family and the Castillo family. It is not like this is all that confusing IF he is found guilty of shooting the cousin. Yes this does happen and if it was a freak accident he had no business playing around with a gun when they are high on anything, if thats the case.

They were not planning a hunting trip with a hand gun.

Im wondering what the other family feels about them loosing their loved one. Are they so quick to make excuses for this Young Man? Why did he not stay there and say it was a freak accident instead of running and trying to get back to Texas. If I accidently shot my cousin, he would die in my arms until the police and medical people got there.

This kind of carlessness makes it harder on gun owners rights.

There are alot of people that get murdered without Deep intent, doesnt make it any different. The cousin I am sure wanted to live and have a life just like anybody else. What Castillo has coming is from his own actions, no? We will have to see after the trial and the puzzle comes together.

I do hope all of you in the family can forgive because it was not your fault this happened, but for you to tell people that we cannot have an opinion and weigh that against our moral consciense is asking a bit much.

I hope you all get through this, and God Bless!

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Comment by mivasquez
2011-08-16 17:57:20

I too pray that the family can forgive and find healing. Most of you don’t know that a few months ago Cesar had surrendered his life to the Lord was ready and excited for new beginning. He was on fire for God that all he ever wanted was for his cousin Erasmo and all who he loved to come to know Christ like he did! I believe that Cesar served his purpose in this world! He managed to impact people’s lives in such a short time while being at church. He planted many seeds that one day will take fruit. Cesar had to be sacrificed in order for the people involved in this tragedy can find salvation. I pray that Cesar death wasn’t in vain and that everybody takes time to reflect on their lives! Good or bad we all need God in our lives and if we want to see Cesar again we need to seek salvation…it was his last wish!

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Comment by ana
2011-08-16 20:28:32

county i did know erasmo n yes he is a great guy n you are right no one has the right to take other peoples life but in this case it was an accident. n like nidia said who ever wants to talk (EXPLETIVE DELETED BY MANAGMENT) or write crap about erasmo put ur real name….in this case both of the families r suffering alot cause of this ACCIDENT cause they do happen n yes he did probably beat up hes babymomma she could of had taken off but no instead she went to go look for him so now dont come complain about it.

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Comment by someone
2011-08-17 00:42:28

It hurts because they are both my cousins and it’s crazy what negative things people say without knowing what really happened. Yes I’ve had restless night and days wondering why? and how? Makes no sense. It’s a bit difficult knowing that Erasmo “nune” is in a place where it’s mostly white population and if everyone there is racist like maddmamma, hopefully not. It’s 2011 Can’t believe there’s still ugly racist people around. There’s consequences for actions one makes. What’s done is done, Cesar “pelon” is in a better place. I will miss my cousin and will always be in my heart and memories. Now we wait to put his body to rest and say see you later. Peace!

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-08-17 08:21:51

I don’t know the details of what happened so I’m not going to comment on that. What I do know is that any man who beats on a woman, for any reason, is no man at all. And for anyone to excuse it by saying “she could have left” is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

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Comment by 82501
2011-08-17 09:50:00

LOL oh come on sofaspud where are all your racist remarks now? Not having all the details never stopped you from putting your two cents in-especially when comes to ppl who are in the minority.

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Comment by lizsykes
2011-08-17 10:01:05

Ana first off all… (EXPLETIVE DELETED BY MANAGEMENT) you….and no she didn’t deserve it !!! You just wanted it!!!

Sofaspud you are correct none of us will ever know what it is to be in that position unless we have been in that position!!! And that is not in any way a man…there is no excuse for that… This is not something that is the LORDS plan if because if it was there wouldnt be a HELL… The lord doesn’t have “plans” for people to get murdered or if it was an accident (because nobody truly knows) this is the devils doing….

On that note… My prayers go out to both family’s…

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Comment by CALI
2011-08-17 10:26:16


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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-08-17 10:36:04

im not trying to derail this….and and death is a sad thing and respect is required and so i will reserve my views on this until i see facts and give my condolences to the family

however my comment is on something i have been expressing for a long time here…the minority hate based reporting and commenting in fremont county

why is it when theres a severe crimminal act involving minority people its always front page news, always reported on this site, always broadcast on the radio

yet when it involves the majority white population….all we hear is crickets

when little marcella was killed it was the biggest headline…all the white people had their input and comments and condemnations
same with the tradegy at BC

in fact every crime involving natives is major news

recently there was a indian killed by a white drunkdriver…crickets

there was a armed robbery of indians by whites..crickets

there was another tragic case of a indian baby being abused and dieing in riverton…this time by a white man…crickets chirping

wanna bet if those were crimes committed by an indian we would all have every detail reported day one?

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Comment by CALI
2011-08-17 10:51:58


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Comment by dickie
2011-08-17 16:36:16

At the risk of being labelled a racist I’m going to say that Erasmo sounds like a real scumbag to me.

I remember a white fellow who shot another fellow and went on to claim self defense. His case was discussed quite a lot in the media and on this website.

In another case, a white girl of a prominent Riverton family pulled a stupid stunt involving her young children, neither of which were physically harmed, and she was lambasted in the media as well as on this website. In fact, it got downright venomous.

Armed robberies and vicious assaults are perpetrated on pizza store folks of unknown race, to me at least, by thugs of unknown race, to me at least, never to be solved. More crickets.

People get killed by drunk drivers all the time, period. Want to place a bet on which race of people dominates the majority of drunken crashes?

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-08-18 11:07:19

once again dicki misses the point. no surprise

the fellow who shot the guy assulting him was discussed…the point is neithers name was released until weeks after…IF EVER!! the exact same time there was a assult at the bar, and the next day both the victms name as well as the”suspects” were identified

point is on this exact site…baby marcella was discussed for months, ever detail was public news…on this site

now a indian baby was beaten and killed by a white man in riverton!!!….and how many of you have even heard about it??? i look for the discusssion and see nothing…zip…why is that?

and yes a prominate young lady was grilled here…but isnt that because she was a family member of the former mayor vincent and screw him and his willingness to work with the arapaho tribes…right??

yes people get killed in alcohal related accidents all the time….the point is JUST THE ONES THAT ARE DRIVEN BY INDIANS GET FRONT PAGE NEWS ROUND THE CLOCK COVERAGE

there was a tribal member killed just a week or so ago by a riverton man driving drunk….how many people even know about that?

wanna bet that if the roles were reversed there would be a 100 comments about the continued full coverage here?

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Comment by dickie
2011-08-18 12:48:54

I think your memory fails you. The fellow that did the shooting had his name released almost immediately.

As for the white girl, do you really think that everyone pounced because Vincent supports the tribes? Or, could it be the fact that some people love to pile grief on people that they perceive as being superior to them? Give me a break.

I guess what we need to see happen is that every time someone makes the headlines their race should be prominently displayed in the headline.

“Billy Bob Smith (White Trash/Redneck) crashes car while in drunken stupor” Or “Sum Yung Gai Ramirez (Chinese/Hispanic/with homosexual tendencies) robs Dairy Queen at spork-point”

That way you can more accurately tally the rampant racial bias.

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Comment by hii3oobee
2011-08-18 13:35:23

funny that you mention that about the race displayed

because doesnt every headline of a crime committed by a arapaho indian say…MEMBER OF THE ARPAHO TRIBE

i dont see any headlines with the words…he was a white american of european decent

wonder why?

and no…the name was not imediatly released…if ever

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Comment by dickie
2011-08-18 13:53:15

If you will take the time to notice, the stories always list the persons place of residence.

The guys name was all over the place, right from the get go, for crying out loud.

I think you are the victim of selective hearing/reading/perception, not to mention a victim of the great white conspiracy.

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Comment by sofaspud
2011-08-19 07:45:07

Give it up dickie. If I’ve learned anything here it’s that a white guy can’t call a minority a loser, even if by all accounts he is a loser. Even if every minority in the world came together and agreed that this individual was a loser, most would come together even faster to agree that it would be an act of racism for a white guy to even suggest that the individual in question was a loser. Even just a simple criticism of an action or idea of a minority automatically makes you a racist. Questioning anything a minority does or says makes you a racist. It’s best just to apologize for the 500 years of pain you personally have caused and move on. Because it’s all your fault. The sooner you accept that fact, the better off we will all be.

Take if from the biggest racist on this site. Or so I have been told.

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Comment by dickie
2011-08-19 09:01:39

Yep. It’s not just here either. You have to walk on tiptoe to keep from offending someone.

As far as I’m concerned, a scumbag is a scumbag. Scumbaggery knows no race. Scumbags come in all colors, sizes, political persuasions, you name it.

As an American Mongrel, I’m offended by the ease by which some people are offended. Get a life, make positive changes and stop blaming me for your problems.

Anyway, I’d better get to ironing my sheet. I’ll see you at the Klan meeting tonight.

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