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F-16s intercept Wyoming pilot

By KVOW/KTAK News Director Leslie Stratmoen

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – A pilot who flies regularly from Wyoming to Colorado somehow missed a restricted air space notice Thursday creating a national security emergency.

The single-engine plane landed without incident at an airport south of Denver after the U.S. military scrambled two F-16s to intercept the plane when it entered a no-fly zone. The aircraft was intercepted after President Barack Obama spoke in Golden, Colo., Thursday morning around 11 but before he flew out of Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora a few hours later.

North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, says the plane was out of radio communications around 12:30 p.m., when Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson says the plane flew near Buckley. Robinson said the F-16s escorted the plane to Centennial Airport, where authorities determined the pilot had made an honest mistake.

From information provided by The Associated Press


Yellowstone managers warn hunters

By KVOW/KTAK News Director Leslie Stratmoen

YELLOWSTONE, Wyo. – In Yellowstone National Park, as hunting seasons open on lands around the park, managers are reminding everyone that hunting is not permitted in the park and it’s the hunter’s responsibility to make sure they’re outside Yellowstone.

In a recently issued release, park managers said the killing or removal of any animal, living or dead, from inside Yellowstone National Park is strictly prohibited by the Lacy Act and the Code of Federal Regulations. This includes animals shot legally outside the park that cross into the park boundary and die. Also prohibited is the taking or removal of any animal parts, including shed antlers, or discharging any firearm.

Game animal carcasses or parts may be transported through Yellowstone by motor vehicle on park roads only if they are tagged, covered or stored out of sight and accompanied by a transport permit from the National Park Service. Continuing this year is a restriction on the transport of heads and spinal cords of deer, elk or moose that were taken in states known to have chronic wasting disease in wildlife.

Park managers say violators are prosecuted and subject to penalties that include fines, restitution and forfeiture of vehicles, equipment and personal property.


Wildfire smoke could clear today

By KVOW/KTAK News Director Leslie Stratmoen

FORT WASHAKIE, Wyo. – Back in the Wind River Valley, a smoky haze from the Alpine Lake Fire burning in the mountains above Fort Washakie are expected to blow out some today with expected westward winds. Spokesman Karl Brauneis said the smoke’s been backed up against the Wind River Mountains.

Alpine Lake Fire -- By Josh Posey

He went on to say managers are planning a burn-out operation today in the Sage Creek area to keep the fire from advancing. It’s burning about 30 miles northwest of the town that’s located on the Wind River Reservation. The burn-out will be conducted only if winds remain at moderate speeds. He said winds are expected to pick-up Saturday, blowing at 15-30 mph.

About 70 firefighters are working the blaze on the ground, backed up by three helicopters in the air. They’re working out of a base camp in the town of Crowheart. The wildfire now covers nearly 21,000 acres of rugged, high-mountain terrain at 10,000 feet in the Shoshone National Forest. It started by lightning on Aug. 7.

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