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Fremont County Sheriff: 2012

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The following arrest reports are provided by the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department. All those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Dec. 28 – No Overnight Arrests

Dec. 27 Arrest Report

Lisa Vincent-42-Riverton-DWUI, No Insurance

Timothy Kenyon-22-Lander-Contempt of Court

Dec. 26 Arrest Report

Dec. 25 — No Overnight Arrests

Dec. 24 Arrest Report

Chet Killsree-42-Riverton -Probation Violation

Catherine Thulin-37-Springville, UT-DWUI, Notice Required of Driver, Open Container

Michael Timbana-31-Ft Washakie-DWUI, Fleeing/ Attempt to Elude, Registration Violation

DWUS, Lighted Lamps & Illuminating

Dec. 21

Louis Montoya-24-Dubois-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Dec. 20

Dustin Friday-22-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Nicole Mcleod-21-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Dec. 19

Derek Bagby-32-Riverton-Simple Assault, Warrant Arrest for Bond Violation

Dawn Gambler-36-Arapahoe-Warant Arrest for Aggravated Assault & Battery

George Littlethunder-28-Riverton-Pedestrian Under the Influence

Ronald Manuelito-36-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Claire Soundingsides-29-Ethete-Warrant Arrest for Fail to Appear

John Williams-59-Casper-Warrant Arrest for Bond Revocation

Dec. 18

Calvin Campbell-18-Lander-Bond Violation

Shane Wesaw-37-Ft Washakie-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Dec. 17

Aaron Guffey-30-Pavillion-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Kevin Johnson-21-Amboy, W A-DWUI, No Insurance, Open Container, Warrant for FT A

Clinton Marburger-36-Riverton-Probation Revocation

Daniel Nunes-30-Riverton-Warrant Arrest out of Washakie County

Dec. 10-13 Arrest Report — Jared Littlewhiteman-20-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for FTA; Trampes Rivers-38-Dubois-Use of controlled Substance; Traye Hays-19-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation; Tawsha Jenkins-32-Warrant Arrest for FTA; Sammy Edlund-29-Gillette-Warrant Arrest for Accessory/Taking Antlered Moose Without License In Area With No Season X2, Accessory/Wanton Destruction of Big Game Animal X2, Waste of Edible Portion of Game Animal X2 (Game and Fish);  Joel Colson-18-Dubois-Use of Controlled Substance, Possession of Controlled Substance, No Insurance, Tail Lamps, Registration Violation

Dec. 7 Arrest Report — Peter A Bell-23-Laramie-Court Ordered Arrest; Josephine Underwood-41-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation; Jerald Wolfe-24-Cheyenne-Larceny

Dec. 6 Arrest Report –  Rick Richards-40-Lander-Bond Violation

Dec. 5 Arrest Report — Ashlee Boj aj-28-Lander-Contempt of Court; Kelly Garcia-45-Casper-Warrant Arrest for Contempt of Court; Richard Helm-58-Lander-Contempt of Court; Johnnie Hutchings-41-Lander-Warrant Arrest for Bond Violation; Alma Mosho-33-Fort Hall, ID- Aggravated Homicide By Vehicle X2; Christopher Stringer-57-Dubois-DWUI, NVDL, Driving Road Way Laned for Traffic

Dec. 4 Arrest Report — Caren Rector-40-Riverton-Simple Assault; Kevin Hecht-49-Riverton-Simple Assault; Lawrence Slowbear-27-Riverton-FTA/Agg Assault and Battery

Dec. 3 Arrest Report — Thomas Keele Sr-45-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for FTA; Kelly Peterson-45-Dubois-Warrant Arrest for FTA; Juanita Owens-46-Riverton-Simple Assault


Nov. 29 — No Overnight Arrests

Nov. 28 Arrest – Brock Groathouse-36-Riverton-Simple Assault

Nov. 27 Arrest — Christopher Bleak-53-Dubois-Warrant Arrest for Contempt of Court

Nov. 21 Arrest Report — Christopher Mccarson-34-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation; Davis Simmons-24-Sheridan-Warrant Arrest for FTA; Amber Wyrick-29-Lander-Bond Revocation

Nov. 20 Arrest — Tyler Martin-19-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for FTA

Nov. 19 Arrest Report — Breeanna Hildner-22-Lander-DWUI; Judith Hoaglund-64-Riverton-DWUI

William Jacobs-18-Casper-DWUI, Duty Report Property Damage; Steven Kennah-33-Lander-Bond Revocation; Kale Mckenzie-20-Riverton-DWUI; Nathaniel Roberts-26-Lander-Contempt of Court; Robert Tibbs-53-Pavillion-Simple Assault, Interference w/Police

Nov. 14-16 Arrests — Rick Richards-40-Lander-DWUI, Open Container, NVDL; Ashlee Boj aj-28-Lander-Contempt of Court; Harvey Allen Dudley-43-Riverton-Simple Assault

Nov. 13 — Devin Anderson-28-Lander-Warrant Arrest for FTA; Steven Cardenas-45-Lander-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Nov. 5 – 9 Arrests — William Crazythunder-28-Ethete-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation; Andrea Weber-49-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for FTA; Liticia Jolley-47-Lander-Resisting/Interference; David Husmann-33-Wright-Warrant Arrest for Fail to Appear; Tandi Vocu-32-Shoshoni-Warrant Arrest for Contempt of Court; Jason Bowen-32-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for FTA; Sherry Bell-26-Ethete-Warrant Arrest out of Burleigh County, North Dakota; Delmonte Shakespeare-29-Ethete-DWUI, No Insurance

Nov. 1-2 Arrests — Jason Knigge-31-Casper-Simple Assault; Charlo Yellowfox-25-Riverton-Simple Assault


Oct. 29-31 — Amy Allam-32-Lehi, UT-Warrant Arrest for FTA; Selam Behan-37-Ethete-Warrant Arrest for Probation Violation; Al Brown-41-Ethete-Criminal Entry; Denzyle Brown-19-Shoshoni-Warrant Arrest for Contempt of Court; Joshua Robinson-20-Lander-Interference w/Police; Toby Alonzo-36- Ft Washakie-DWUI, DWUS, Interference w/Police, Warrant Arrest for Probation Violation; Gentry Blackburn-20-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for FTA and Probation Revocation; Tawny Holmes-34-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Contempt of Court; Anna Lamb-24-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Larceny; Rebecca Root-19-Riverton-Interference w/Police, Misuse of Telephone; Steven Hays-58-Riverton-Breach of Peace; Tawny Holmes-34, Riverton-Use of Controlled Substance; James Johnson-20-Casper-Youthful Offender; Frank Rose-43-Dubois-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation, DWUS

Oct. 22-26 — Jason Cole-22-Douglas-Court Order Arrest; Leslie Noseep-40-Ft Washakie-DWUI, No Insurance, Speeding, NVDL; Michael Starks-4 7-Riverton-Simple Assault; Charles Ariks-27-Riverton-Contempt of Court; Rebecca Baeder-22-Craig, CO-Bond Revocation; Michael Mason-42-Riverton-Contempt of Court; Nathanial Williams-18-Lander-Bond Revocation; Jacob Arima-29-Riverton-Simple Assault; James Sandt-41-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation; Sarah Bellymule-37-Billings, MT-DWUI; Andrew Fisher-26-Riverton-Warrant out of Sweetwater County; Shanessa Ute-19-Ethete-DWUI, NVDL

Oct. 18-19 — Johnnie Hutchings-40-Lander-Bond Violation; Benita Smith-46-Kinnear-Warrant Arrest for Contempt of Court

Oct. 17 – No overnight arrests

Oct. 16 Arrests — Ashlee Boj aj-28-Lander-Contempt of Court; Owen Brown-26-Riverton-DWUI, Duty To Stop Property Damage; Steven Kennah-33-Lander-Contempt of Court

Oct. 15 Arrest Report — Katie Eagleroad-30-Lander-Contempt of Court; David Jones-22-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation; Ben W arren-46-Arapahoe-DWUI

Oct. 12 Arrest – Jeffrey Gilman-25-Lander-DWUI

Oct. 11 Report – No Overnight Arrests

Oct. 9 Arrest Report — Kenneth Scott Woolsey-47-Lander-Simple Assault

Oct. 8 Arrest Report — Steven Ervin-54-Hudson-Warrant Arrest for FTA; Michael Schmoll-55-Lander-Warrant out of Lewis & Clark County, MT

Oct. 3 Arrests — Marie Donathan-20-Riverton-Probation Revocation; Carl King-25-Riverton-Probation Revocation; Shilo Twobulls-23-Riverton-Probation Revocation

Oct. 2 Arrests – Richard Helm-58-Lander-Contempt of Court

Oct. 1 Arrest Report

Charity Carrier-31-Ethete-Contempt of Court

Jared Dahlstedt-35-Riverton-Warrant Arrest out of Converse County

Karl Foumier-34-Riverton-Simple Assault

Gary Lee-50-Lander-DWUI, NVDL

Daniel Riley-37-Ft Washakie-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Anthony Taylor-22-Shoshoni-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation


Sept. 28 — No Overnight Arrests

Sept. 27 Arrest Report

Ryan Cover-23-Rohnert Park, CA-Posses, Controlled Substance, Speeding, No Insurance

Mathilde Hakoun-23-France-Posses. Controlled Substance

Raymond Mcking-21-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for FTA

Sept. 26 Arrest Report

James Casteel-58-Cheyenne-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Christopher Farmer-26-Thermopolis-Warrant Arrest for FTA

Sept. 25 Arrest Report 

Tyler Smith-23-Riverton-DWUI, Unauthorized Use of Vehicle, No Insurance

Sept. 24 Arrest Report

Nickerson Arthur-32-Riverton-Simple Assault

Shane Blackburn-24-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Randi Howell-30-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation X2

Daniel Manzanares-32-Ethete-Property Destruction, Warrant for Probation Revocation

Kevin Schleicher-37-Riverton-Simple Assault

Joseph Withrow-32-Lander-Bond Violation

Sept. 21 – No Overnight Arrests

Sept. 20 Arrest Report

Wendall Antelope-34-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for PTA

Richard Dale Brown-58-Riveerton-Warrant Arrest for Contempt of Court

Jude Jenkins-31-Riverton-DWUI, Child Endangering X2,DUS, No Restraint X2, No

Insurance, Warrant for FT A

Benita Smith-46-Kinnear-DWUI, No Insurance

Sept. 19 Arrest Report

Jude Chargingcrow-28-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Brandon Smiley-27-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Contempt of Court X3

Sept. 18 Arrests

James Casteel-58-Cheyenne-Warrant out of Converse County

Sept. 17 Arrest Report

Robert Behan-19-Riverton-Simple  Assault

Larry Duran-43-Lander-Pedestrian Under Influence

Zachariah Johnson-25-Lander-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Jeffery King-57-Saint Johns, AZ-Warrant Arrest for FTA

Jesse Montanez-36-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Jesse Walthers-23-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for FTA X3

Sept. 14 — No Overnight Arrests

Sept. 10-13 Arrests

Brian Cousineau-26-Riverton-Criminal Trespass

Jerald Ellis-31-Casper-Warrant Arrest for FT A and Bond Revocation

Kayla Hebah-22-Lander-Warrant Arrest for FTA

Kelsey Garcia-28-Lander-Contempt of Court

Devon Souza-18-Warrant out of Laramie County

Sept. 7 Arrest Report

Britt Britain-49-Riverton-DWUI

Kelsey Garcia-28-Lander-Warrant Arrest for Probation Violation 

Sept. 6 Arrest Report

Jason Boykin-35-Casper-Simple Assault

Sept. 5 — No Overnight Arrests

Sept. 4 Labor Day Weekend Arrest Report

Kenith Blagg-23-Lander-DWUI, DWUS, Registration Violation, No Insurance, No Seat Belt, Driving Road Way Laned for Traffic, Warrant Arrest out of Sweetwater County

Melissa Christopherson-27-Riverton-Pedestrian Under the Influence

Kenneth Duvall-46-Riverton-DWUI, Open Container

Alex Means-28-Lander-Bond Revocation

Sherman Quiver-28-Ethete-Interference w/Police, Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Celeste Sage-30-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Fail to Appear

Tamara Timbana-39-Forthall, ID-DWUS

William Wooldridge-56-Dubois-Stolen Property, Open Container, Registration Violation X2,Fail to Obtain WY Registration


Aug. 29-31 Arrests

Teressa Sunrhodes-22-Riverton-DWUI, Open Container, DWUS

Seth Lebeau-29-Lander-Poss Controlled Substance

Christopher Moseley-32-Riverton-DWUI, No Insurance

Lechelle Spoonhunter-32-Lander-DWUI

Shasta Wesaw-31-Ft Washakie-Poss Controlled Substance

Benard King-47-Riverton-Registration Violation!DWUI!Speeding/DWUS/No Insurance

Michael Mason-42-Riverton-Prob Viol 

Aug. 28 Arrest Report

Tana Papse-39-Ft Washakie-DWUI, Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Aug. 27 Arrest Report

Maurice Bell-28-Riverton-Pedestrian Under Influence, Interference w/Police

Maude Capitan-43-Ft Washakie-Simple Assault

Frank Fonseca-45-Lander-Simple Assault

Steven Hayes-58-Riverton-Probation Violation

Michael Mathews-29-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Santiago Ocon-56-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for FT A

James Tilghman-55-Riverton-DWUI, Open Container

Aug. 21-24 Arrest Report

Richard Santistevan-58-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation

Joshua R Wilson-28-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Probation Revocation & FTA

Belinda Ellis-52-Riverton-FTA

Sterling Blackburn-21-Arapahoe-DWUI/No DL/Interference

Robert Hereford-48-Ft Washakie-DWUI, DWUS, Turn Signal

Aug. 21 Arrest Report

Steven Lindsey-59-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Contempt of Court X2

PRESS RELEASE: as submitted by Capt. Ryan Lee, Aug. 20, 2012

The Fremont County Sheriff is seeking any information concerning a hit and run incident that occurred around 3:00AM Saturday morning, near the intersection of Riverview Road and Hill Street.

A 20 year old Riverton pedestrian was struck in the head by the driver’s side mirror of a white dodge truck, which then fled the area. The man did not receive any life threatening injuries, however he was hospitalized. Witnesses describe the vehicle as a white four door Dodge truck with black rims, with possible damage to the driver’s side rearview mirror. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Detective Sergeant Bill Braddock at 857-3606.

Deputies were assisted by the Fremont County Search and Rescue, along with the Riverton Volunteer Fire Department Sunday night at the Black Bridge in northeast Riverton. A 14-year-old Riverton boy received a possible back injury while recreating in the area. The young man was along the shore of the Wind River and had to be moved out of the area to an ambulance. Volunteers were able to package the victim and remove him to the ambulance without incident.

Aug. 20 Arrest Report

Andelee Charginghawk-20-Hudson-Warrant Arrest for FTA

Aug. 17 Arrest Report

Katherine Garrett-33-Riverton-DWUI

Aug. 16 Arrest Report

Carol Mcneil-57-Lander-Warrant Arrest out of Washakie County

Jessica N orse-24-Riverton-Simple Assault

Aug. 14 Arrest Report

Cynthia Craton-50-Dubois-Warrant out of Michigan

Ricky Goodleft-30-Riverton-DWUI, DWUS

Aug. 13 Arrest Report

Brian Bewley-53-Crowheart-DWUI

Shannon Lanham-33-Lander-Probation Revocation

Clint Martin-42-Riverton-DWUI

Benita Smith-46-Kinnear-Warrant for FTA

Tandi Vocu-31-Shoshoni-Bond Violation

Michael Warren-19-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Burglary, Property Destruction, Larceny

Aug. 10 Arrest Report

Michael Mathews-29-Riverton-Interference w/Police

Aug. 9 Arrest Report

Aaron Foster-29-Lander-FTA Warrant

Aug. 8 Arrest Report

John Goodman-18-Arapahoe-Simple Assault X2

Fernando Ocon-22-Casper-Probation Revocation 

Aug. 7 Arrest Report

Cynthia Craton-50-Dubois-Breach of Peace

Lorraine Hunter-28-Lander-Probation Revocation

Carl Kysar-43-Green River-Contempt of Court

Aug. 1-6 Arrests

Chauncey Friday-45-Ethete-Warrant for FTA

Melissa Hefner-28-Mckinney, Texas-DWUI, Head Lamps, Driving Road Way Laned for Traffic

Susan Hutchinson-50-Cheyenne-DWUI

Katrina Garwood-51-Dubois-DWUI

David Burt-22-Riverton-Contempt of Court

Sadie Christensen-31-Riverton-Contempt of Court

Austin Kitchin-19-Lander-Warrant for FTA


July 31 Arrest Report

Dana Eagle-35-Riverton-Warrant for 2 Counts of Forgery, Warrant for FTA

Kathryn Jenkins-19-Riverton-Probation Revocation

July 30 Arrest Report

Lela C’Hair-23-Ft Washakie-Warrant for Fail to Appear

David Dobson-49-Lander-DWUI

Quinn Duran-21-Arapahoe-Warrant for Fail to Appear

Kasia Monroe-21-Riverton-Warrant for Fail to Appear

Trampes Rivers-38-Dubois-Interference w/Police, No Insurance, Bond Revocation,

Probation Revocation, Duty Unattended Vehicle

Alfredo Rodriguez-21-Pavillion-DWUI, DWUS, Driving on Roadway Laned for Traffic

July 27 Arrest Report

Brandi Martin-18-Riverton-FTA

Lonnie Reaves-59-Lander-Bond Revocation

July 26 — No Overnight Arrests

July 25 Arrest Report

 Justin Bunney-38-Casper-Warrant for Revocation of Release, 2 Warrants for FTA

Michael Holbert-18-Riverton-Warrant for FTA

July 23-24 Arrests

Jeryd Leonard-19-Lander-Bond Revocation

Mark Howell-45-Jeffrey City-Viol of Protection Order

Calvin O’Neal-47-Crowheart-DWUI/No Ins/Fail to Maintain Lane of Traffic

Joseph Cates-21-Riverton-Breach of Peace

Craig Penticoff-45-Dubois-Simplt Assault

PRESS RELEASE: Issued by Capt. Ryan Lee, Monday, July 23, 2012

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation into the death of a 28 year old Riverton female who was found dead at Pilot Butte Reservoir (Morton Lake) Saturday afternoon.

The woman was at the lake with friends when she disappeared from the group. The group was on the north shore of the lake just west of the Sunrise Recreation area.

Our agency was initially contacted to assist with the search by Wyoming Game and Fish Wardens who had been working in the area. “Evidently the group found the Wardens in the area and asked for their assistance in locating the missing woman, the Wardens then contacted our agency to assist with the search and the circumstances.”

The woman was located by a Game Warden at around 1:40PM in the waters of Morton Lake along the northwest shoreline. The body was recovered with assistance from the Riverton Search and Rescue Division without incident. Preliminary investigation into the death has led investigators to believe there were no boats or other watercraft involved in the incident.

“We have an investigator working the case in conjunction with the Coroner’s Office, I don’t have any further information that I can release at this time.”

July 20 – No Overnight Arrests

July 19 Arrest/Accident Report

William Hall-57-Alpine-Probation Revocation

Accident Report – 4:36 p.m., Wednesday, Louis Lake Road, Lander, driver of a black sedan went off the road after swerving to miss a deer. The vehicle was inoperable, wedged between two boulders with the windshield broken. It was towed from the scene.

The passengers, which were reported as three females and two children, were evaluated by EMS and none were taken to the hospital. One had seatbelt burns and another adult was dizzy and vomiting.

July 18, 10:05 AM – PRESS RELEASE: Issued by Capt. Ryan Lee

Fremont County Search and Rescue Crews coordinated at extensive mountain rescue at the base of Gannet Peak near Gannet Creek last night and early this morning. A 36 year old female from New York State, was seriously injured while hiking in the area with her husband; they were reportedly attempting to traverse a boulder field when the female received an open compound fracture to her femur, resulting in shock and the severe loss of blood.

The Sheriff’s Office received the emergency call at 3:00PM Tuesday afternoon, by means of a SPOT emergency alarm device, which was activated by the victim’s husband. “We received the coordinates of the emergency; however it took some time to actually locate the victim due to the extreme country they were in.” The area is roughly 26 miles Due west of Crowheart, Wyoming near Gannet Peak. Gannet Peak is the highest peak in the State of Wyoming at 13,809 feet.

“The Sheriff’s Office coordinated the rescue with the use of a contract helicopter with the Sublette County Search and Rescue Division, and professional mountain climbers associated with the Lander Search and Rescue Division.”

Three separate crews totaling seven rescue personnel were flown into the area Tuesday afternoon. A ground and air search was underway all evening, the victim was located just prior to dark.

“Our search crews made their way to the victim, she was found to be in serious condition and they went into action to save her life.” “It took the rescue crew almost four hours in the dark to traverse a boulder field and a river, in what is being described as an extremely technical and dangerous extraction to the awaiting air ambulance”. “The area was complicated with boulders and steep terrain that made it impossible to land or hoist the victim from the area; she had to be carried by hand through some of the most difficult terrain in Fremont County, at elevations near 10,000 feet.”

Classic Lifeguard Air Ambulance out of Riverton flew as far into the area as possible late Tuesday night by the use of night vision, and awaited the rescue ter11′s arrival. Their paramedic took over care of the patient and she was airlifted to the Lander Hospital around 2:30AM this morning, her condition is unknown at this time.

The rescue crew stayed the night at the base of Gannet Peak, as of 7:00AM this morning they were being extracted via helicopter back to Lander’s Huntfield Airport.

11:05 UPDATE:  All three rescuers, a total of 7, have been airlifted out of the area and everyone is back in Lander, the mission is complete as of 11:00 AM this morning…….Capt. R. Lee

July 17 — Arrest Report

Lance Balderston-45-Lander-Contempt Court

July 16 Arrest Report

Benjamin Cordova-45-Lander-Bond Revocation

Christopher Mccarson-33-Riverton-Probation Violation, Breach of Peace

Drowning – a report of a possible drowning at Fort Washakie Reservoir came into the Fremont County dispatch center at 3 Friday afternoon. The person was located, safe and OK.

July 13 Arrest Report

Regina Dewey-37-Riverton-Simple Assault

Silverio Rosalez-52-Green River-Probation Revocation

July 12

Lonnie Reaves-59-Lander-Bond Revocation

Cody Sikes-22-Rock Springs-Probation Revocation

July 11

David Burt-22-Riverton-Contempt of Court

Ashley Laforme-23-Riverton-DWUI

July 10

Regina Odom-22-Riverton-DWUI

Christopher Bleak-52-Dubois-Contempt of Court

Steven Dodge-30-Riverton-Warrant Arrest out of Big Horn County

Walter Swenor-37-Kinnear-Probation Revocation

July 9 Arrests

Gary Eastwood-24-Pinedale-Warrant Arrest for Agg Assault & Battery X2, Reckless

Endangering-Investigated by Lander Police Dept

Melanie Gambler-41-Ethete-DWUI

Lucille Kara-47-Lander-DWUI

Leon Spoonhunter-26-St Stephens-Contempt of Court, Interference w/Police

Anthony Taylor-2~-Shoshoni-Prob Revocation

July 6 Arrest Report

Jacob Anderson-35-Hudson-Simple Assault

Cefus Wood-22-Riverton-DWUI

July 3 Arrests

Yolanda Antlelope-29-Riverton-DWUI, DUS, Fail to Stop at Red Light

Scott Lain-39-Riverton-Contempt of Court


 June 29 Arrest

Stephanie Whitman-19-Riverton- 3 Counts Burglary

June 27-28 Arrests

JoshuaNelson-24-Riverton-Warrant arrest out of Oklahoma

Kyle Chivers-22-Riverton-Probation Revocation

June 22-26 Arrests

Malcom Whiteplume21-Riverton-Probation Revocation

Anthony Joseph Apodaca-19-Riverton-Simple Assault

Ross Coopwood-60-Riverton-DWUI, DWUS

Jonathan Garza-24-Rock Springs-DWUI, Poss Cont Substance

Kelly Grove-26-Dubois-Probation Violation

Lyle Haukaas-33-Hudson-Warrant Arrest out of Colorado

Lakoda Lewis-23-Page, AZ-DWUI

Trampes Rivers-38-Dubois-Simple Assault, Bond Revocation

Brandon Smiley-26-Riverton-Contempt of Court X3

Stanley Stowe-52-Kinnear-DWUI

Lane Stinger-21-Dubois-DWUI

Kennett McLeod-32-Lander-Fail to Appear

June 21 Arrests

Epitacio Mcsweeney-21-Riverton-DWUI, NVDL, Interference w/Police

Kevin Swofford-40-Dubois-DWUI

June 20 Arrests

Matthew Bishop-20-Lander-Contempt of Court

Mardell C’Bearing-36-Lander-Contmept of Court

Marsha Friday-21-Rapid City SD-Bond Revocation

Marlis Hill-25-Lander-Contempt of Court

June 19 Arrest Report

Ezequiel Alcaraz-21-Lander-Child Abuse

Travis Balderston-34-Lander-Contempt of Court

June 11-18 Arrest Report

Kelly Baker-26-Lander-Contempt of Court

Robin Berghorst-57-Kinnear-Misuse of Telephone

John Carney-18-Dubois-DWUI

Tanner Clark-23-Riverton-DWUI

Jarvis Shoulderblade-3 7 -Arapahoe-FTA, DWUI, Open Container, Interference, DWUS

Kelly Lance Taylor-46-Cody-Probation Revocation

Kenneth Wood-20-Lander-FT A

Darlene Senn-40-Lander-Perjury

Bart Mowat-48-Grover, Wy.-Court Order Arrest

Donald Ingwerson-51-Riverton-Probation Revocation

16-year-old female –Juv. Drug Court

16-year-old male-Drug Court

Charles Geboe-42-Riverton-Fail to Register Sex Offender

Martin Dorst-45-Dubois-Contempt of Court

John Goodman-18-Arapahoe-Youthful Offender, No Insurance, NVDL

Kyle Kummer-20-Lander-Fail to Appear

Vincent Kilcrease-40-Arapahoe-Probation Revocation

Nelson Owens-24-Riverton-Fail to Appear

Jeffrey Shaffer-50-Evanston-Warrant Arrest out of Uinta County

Kelly Baker-26-Lander-Contempt of Court

Matthew Erik Foster-27-Riverton-DWUI

Craig Isabell-22-Riverton-Probation Revocation

Larry Allen Moore-41-Kent, WA-DWUS

June 8- 11 Arrests 

Kelly Baker-26-Lander-Contempt of Court 
Matthew Erik Foster-27-Riverton-DWUI 
Craig Isabell-22-Riverton-Probation Revocation 
Larry Allen Moore, 41-Kent, WA-DWUS 
June 7 Arrests 


Carmen Wesaw-36-Ethete-DWUI, DWUS


June 4-6 Arrests  
Pauline Oldman-33-Lander-Probation Revocation 
Bradley Gagner-49-Lander-Probation Revocation 
Misti Hereford-31-Lander-Probation Revocation 
Kenneth Persson-48-Lander-Probation Revocation 
Malcom Wade-21-Riverton-Fail to Appear 
Jasper Whitaker-32-Riverton-Possession of Controlled Substance w/Intent 
May 30 Arrests 
Michael Austin-37-Riverton-Probation Revocation 
Jordan Wheeler-33-Lander-Contempt of Court, Probation Revocation 
May 29 Arrest Report 
Michael Anderson-32-Riverton-Trespassing 
Gregory Florenece-44-Riverton-DWUI 
Levi French-24-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Furnish Liquor to Minor and Transporting or Possessing Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle w/Intent to Furnish to a Person Under 21 
Caleb Martinez-23-Riverton-Bond Revocation 
Mitchell Parker-27-Sugarland, TX-DWUI, Possession of Controlled Substance 
May 25 — Arrest Report 
Crystal Robinson-31-Lander-Probation Revocation 
May 24 Arrest Report 
Adele Gutierrez-34-Riverton-Contempt of Court, Probation Revocation X2 
May 23 Arrest Report 
Anthony Addison-40-St Stephens- Probation Revocation 
Melissa Brown-35-Ethete-Contempt of Court 
Shannon Hill-20-Evansville, WY-Failure to Appear 
May 21-22 Arrest Reports 
 Douglas Lemley-28-Riverton-Contempt Court-Eluding-Possession of Controlled Substance 
Mashele Coleman-35-Riverton-Possession of Controlled Substance, Aggravated Assault & Battery 
Lorenzo Eagle-19-Arapahoe- 2 Misdemeanor Warrants for Violation of Probation out of Natrona County 
Cody King-38-Riverton-Felon in Possession of Firearm, DWUS, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 
Elias Mascarenas-33-Reno, NV- 4 Misdemeanor Bench Warrants from Sublette County, 1 Misdemeanor Bench Warrant from Sweetwater County 
May 18 Arrest Report 
Rebecca Baeder-22-Lander-Fail To Appear 
Chezrae Manzanares-24-Riverton-Fail to Appear 
Loni Warren-30-Lander-Contempt of Court 
May 17 Arrest Report 
Melanie V enzor-48-Lander-Warrant Arrest Forgery X2 
May 16 Arrest Report 
Frank Mead-37-Riverton-Contempt of Court 
May 15 Arrest Report 
Michael Anderson-32-Riverton-Criminal Trespass 
May 14 Arrest Report  
Dominick Wright-IS-Dubois-Probation Revocation   
May 10 Arrest Report 
Anderson Antelope-29-Riverton-Pedestrian Under the Influence  
May 9 Arrest Report 
Robert Behan-19-Riverton-Fail To Appear 
Christopher Bobo-24-Dubois-Probation Revocation 
Paul Cady-45-Riverton-DWUI, Interference w/Police, Notice Required of Driver 
Steven Hays-58-Riverton-Warrant Arrest for Simple Assault, Agg Assault, Strangulation of Household Member 
Trista Mitchell-26-Riverton-Contempt of Court, Probation Revocation 
May 8 – No Overnight Arrests 
May 4 Arrest Report 
Kristen Olson, 28, Riverton — Probation Revocation 
May 3 – No overnight arrests 
May 2 Arrests 
Nicholas Homecker-24-Lander-Fail to Appear 
Timothy Marrow-25-Riverton-Contempt of Court 
Bobbi Talksdifferent-30-Arapahoe-Probation Revocation 
Scott Woolsey-23-Riverton-Probation Revocation 
Lynn Tendore-39-Fort Washakie-Probation Revocation 
May 1 — No overnight arrests 
April 30 Arrest Report
Joseph Arthur-34-Riverton-Simple Assault 
Thomas Hauger-42-Cheyenne-DWUI, No Interlock Device 

Kayla Lincoln-29-Lander-Fail to Appear April 27 Arrest Report 

Ashlee Bojaj-27-Lander-Probation Revocation 

Allison Trosper-45-Ethete-Probation Violation 

April 26 Arrest Report 

Kayla Ridgley-26-Ethete-FTA, Child Endangering (2-year-old found in middle of road) 

April 25 – Overnight Arrest 

Amanda Randall-24-Hudson-Child Abuse, Child Endangering 

April 24 Overnight Arrests 

Michael Crain-25-H

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