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Lander Police Log: 2012

Submitted by Newsroom on January 4, 2013 – 6:45 amNo Comment


The following reports are provided by the Lander Police Department. All those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



Dec. 31

Ivan Bear, 43, St. Stephens, public intoxication

Travis Beason, 26, Lander, DWUI, failure to yield

Hart Hedges, 21, Lander, DWUI, interference

Leticia Barrett, 32, Lander, interference, public intoxication

Tracy Pack, 37, Lander, property destruction

Dec. 28

14-year-old male, Lander, cited for MUI

13-year-old Cheyenne female, cited for shoplifting

Dec. 27

William Armstrong, 47, Lander, warrants

16-year-old Lander female, MUI, fighting

16-year-old Fort Washakie male, MUI, tobacco violation

Dec. 26

15-year-old Riverton male, shoplifting

Edward Olmstead, 42, Riverton, trespassing, interference

Dec. 21

Timothy Bennett, 33, Lander, property destruction, disorderly conduct

Dec. 20

Janell SunRhodes, 21, Arapahoe, public intoxication

Mark Rielly, 35, Lovell, warrant

Dec. 19 – No Arrests Reported

Dec. 18 – No Report

Dec. 17 – Erica Wondrasek, 18, Lander, MIP/MUI; Hayley Friday, 18, Hudson, MIP/MUI; Colin Amos, 25, Riverton, DWUI; Sherman Quiver, 29, Ethete, open container; Sydney Willow, 30, Riverton, open container; Alfred Redman Jr. 37, Ethete, shoplifting, public intoxication, $7 in merchandise.

Dec. 18 – Donald Smith, 49, Riverton, public intoxication

Dec. 10 Arrest Report – Ronald Goggles, 25, Lander, warrant times three; Daphne Peohrora, 21, Fort Washakie, warrant times 2; Jolene Catron, 47, Lander, warrant; Frank Fonseca, 45, Lander, DWUI

Dec. 4 Arrest Report – Trevor Herrera, 44, Belen, N.M., warrant out of New Mexico; Carl Dahl, 21, Lander, DWUI; Amanda Crain, 18, Lander, open container, minor under the influence; Ivan Bear, 43, St. Stephens, fraudulent procurement; Joseph Leftbear, 21, Riverton, DWUI; Anthony Heil, 34, Lander, DWUI; Natalia Miranda, 26, Ethete, DWUI, warrant; Lawrence Slowbear, 27, Riverton, warrant


Nov. 27 Arrest Report – Novita Jarvis, 27, Lander, shoplifting; Shawnice Crazythunder, 19, warrant

Nov. 21 Arrest Report – Amber Woody, 30, Lander, larceny; Joseph Baldwin, 43, Laramie, three county warrants, one each from Fremont, Campbell and Platte

Nov. 20 Arrest – Erik Declue, 23, Lander, DWUI

Nov. 19 — No Media Release

Nov. 12-16 Arrests – Nelson Duran, 32, Riverton, Warrant; Heather Hamilton, 27, Lander, public intoxication, open container; Nicholas Francis, 25, Lander, battery; Joel Kennah, 21, Lander, battery; Michael Vinich, 19, Lander, possession; Ronald Disbrow, 42, Lander, DWUI; 15-year-old Fort Washakie female, possession of a controlled substance

Nov. 8-9 – Dennis Bearing, 31, Riverton, criminal entry, open container; 12-year-old Lander male, breach of peace; Kimberly Lebeau, 28, Lander, warrant

Nov. 6-7 - No Overnight Arrests

Nov. 5 – Three people were picked up on warrants: Celia Edmo, 36, of Lander; Aaron Foster, 30, of Lander; Waylon Lajeunesse, 41, Fort Washakie

Nov. 2 – Nikita Addison, 25, of Lander, warrants, interference, expired registration, no driver’s license, failure to maintain liability coverage

Nov. 1 – Richard Metsker, 46, Wapato, Wash., DWUI, resisting, no Interlock device; Shelby Hammack, 20, Lander; shoplifting $15 in cosmetics; Robert Powell, 58, Lander, open container


Oct. 31 – No Overnight Arrests

Oct. 26-30 – Wanda McGowan, 41, Lander, interference; Willis Tillman, 30, Fort Washakie, public intoxication; Dalton Enos, 20, Riverton, MIP, interference; Robert Martel, 43, Fort Washakie, battery of a household member, interference; Phillip Whitney, 54, Lander, DWUI; Jeremy Lajeunesse, 19, Lander, DWUI, possession of controlled substance; Reva SunRhodes, 49, Riverton, public intoxication

Oct. 26 – Jared Cox, 20, Lander, public intoxication, MIP

Oct. 25 – Leland Rohn, 27, no address listed, warrant

Oct. 24 – Mitchell Parker, 27, Lander, warrant

Oct. 23 – Jacob Bain, 23, Riverton, public intoxication

Oct. 19 – Cory Marburger, 34, Lander, warrant, resisting, disobeying lawful order; Kenneth Crawford, 21, Riverton, warrant, interference, shoplifting $8 in consumable goods

Oct. 18 – Nathaniel Roberts, 26, Lander, DWUI, no Interlock, driving under suspension, interference, expired registration, no insurance; 16-year-old Fort Washakie male, tobacco possession, resisting/interference

Oct. 17 – No Overnight Arrests

Oct. 16 – Melanie Venzor, 48, Lander, warrant; Lyle Haukaas, 33, Hudson, warrant; 17-year-old Riverton female, MUI; Nathaniel Williams, 18, Lander, MIP, Anthony Gray, 18, Riverton, MIP; Denzyl Brown, 19, Lander; MIP/MUI; James Webb, 19, Lander, MIP; 16-year-old Arapahoe female, MIP; Eugene Steggall, 29, Lander, warrant; Jeffrey Cleveland, 45, Lander, warrant; Julie Molzahn, 31, Lander, resisting; Katie Eagleroad, 30, Lander, warrant; 14-year-old of Lander, interference; Shawnee McGowan, 22, Lander, warrant; Jessica Swallow, 18, Fort Washakie, DWUI; Dudley C’Bearing, 26, Lander, warrant

Oct. 15 Arrest Report – Jeris Evans, 29, Rock Springs, public intoxication, trespassing; Tracey Cleveland, 43, Lander, domestic violence/battery; Kenneth Scott, 45, Ethete, warrant.

Oct. 12 – Jeris Evans, 29, Rock Springs, public intoxication, trespassing

Tracey Cleveland, 43, Lander, domestic violence/battery; Kenneth Scott, 45, Ethete, warrant

Oct. 10 – No Overnight Arrests

Oct. 2 -5 – William Carpenter Jr., 33, Ethete, public intoxication; Christopher Friday, 25, Riverton, resisting, petty larceny, public intoxication; Ernest Siers, 22, Fort Washakie, interference, open container; Timothy Kenyon, 22, Lander, warrant; Keller Duran, 19, Riverton, warrant, MIP; Avery Brown, 18, Kinnear, MIP; Jeremy Lajeunesse, 19, Riverton, MIP

Oct. 1-2 Arrests – William Carpenter, 33, Ethete, public intoxication; Christopher Friday, 25, Riverton, resisting, petty larceny, public intoxication; Ernest Siers, 22, Fort Washakie, interference, open container; Timothy Kenyon, 22, Lander, warrant; James Jarvis, 61, Buffalo, warrant; Leland Rohn, 27, Lander, breach of peace, littering, interference; Dorian Duran, 18, Arapahoe, MIP; Jessica Swallow, 18, Lander, MIP; Cassie Weed, 19, Fort Washakie, DWUI; Brian Willow, 47, Ethete, warrant; Antonio Herman, 40, Lander, probation revocation; Randolph Duran, 23, Lander, assault; Robert Addison, 23, Ethete, public intoxication; Richard Burns, 26, Lander, public intoxication, property destruction.


Week of Sept. 24 -28

Sept. 24 – Eugene Ridgley, 51, Ethete – public intoxication, open container; Roger Wagon, 18, Fort Washakie – warrant; 16-year-old Fort Washakie male – MIP; Marcus Sather, 18, Fort Washakie – MUI; Harley Guina, 19, Fort Washakie – shoplifting; Sheila Haukaas, 27, Lander – public intoxication

Sept. 25 – Jeffrey Wright, 36, Texas – public intoxication

Sept. 27 – Takini Bell, 21, Riverton – DUI; Tiffany Willow, 22, Fort Washakie – warrant; Justin Moody, 32, Lander – DUI; Jeffrey Wright, 36, Texas – public intoxication

Sept. 28 – Charles Ariks, 27, Riverton – warrants; Marlee Ute, 18, Fort Washakie — shoplifting

Sept. 18-21 Arrests

Clowry Means, 45, Riverton, public intoxication; Ronald Benally, 40, Fort Washakie, warrant; 14-year-old Lander male, simple assault; Waylynn Spoonhunter, 19, Ethete, shoplifting; 17-year-old male, shoplifting; Jesse Willow, 35, Lander, warrant; Delmar Duran, 44, Riverton, warrant; Janell McLeod, 22, Fort Washakie, warrant

Sept. 14 Arrests

David Ancheta, 19, Riverton, warrants, MIP, Disobeying lawful order; 15-year-old Lander female, curfew; John Tinley, 60, Lander, DWUI; Thomas Bishop, 61, Lander, DWUI; Dillon Dillehay, 24, Weldona, Colo., DWUI; Cody Schiel, 18, Lander, MIP; Dustin Freauff, 18, Lander, MIP; Kevin Lesoski, 28, Lander, property destruction.

Sept. 13 Arrest

Richard Kingston, 65, Lander – disobeying lawful order

Sept. 10-11 Arrests

Travis Skavhaug, 31, Lander – warrant

John Abeyta, 31, Ethete – DWUI

Johnnie Hutchings, 40, Lander – felony DWUI

Matthew Talamantes, 21, Paradise, Calif. – public intoxication

Shad Bracken, 35, Lander – DWUI

Two in same incident – Marlee Ute, 18, Fort Washakie, assault, public intoxication, MIP/MUI; Wiona Smart, 18, Lander, assault, public intoxication, fighting, MIP

Dennis Brossman, 58, Lander – DWUI

Gary Lee, 22, Lander – assault and battery

Two for fighting – ages 15 and 16

Jamie Joaquim, 27 – family fight

Christopher Oja, 37, Lander – assault and battery

Matthew Bishop, 20, Lander – warrant

Benjamin Goggles, 22, Ethete – warrant

Sept. 5 Arrest Report

Boyd Jones, 23, Lander – no Interlock device, driving under suspension

Andelee Charginghawk, 20, Hudson – harassment

Tana Papse, 39, Fort Washakie – warrant


Aug. 20-28 Arrests

Kimberly Lebeau, 28, no address listed — warrant

Milo Larvie, 35, no address listed — public intoxication, warrant

17-year-old female, no address listed – MIP

Andelee Charginghawk, 20, no addressed listed — property destruction, trespassing

Leland Rohn, 27, no address listed – interference, warrant

17-year-old male, no address listed – turning at intersection

Nathaniel Mahoney, 36, no address listed — warrants

Vicki Adams, 64, Lander – DWUI

Novita Jarvis, 26, Fort Washakie – warrant

Three in same incident – Calvin Campbell, 18, Lander, DWUI, no valid driver’s License, possession of controlled substance, failure to maintain insurance; 15-year-old female, possession of controlled substance; 15-year-old male, possession of controlled substance

Darren Lee, 38, Lander – DWUI, eluding, reckless driving, interference, driving without Interlock device, driving while suspended, shoplifting

Justin Tindall, 26, Fort Washakie – DUI, assault and battery, interference, false imprisonment

Two in same incident — Veronica Surrell, 26, Lander, DWUI; Emmy Surrell, 21, Lander, warrant

Erika Thayer, 21, Riverton – shoplifting

Carlo Shakespeare, 28, Lander – public intoxication

15-year-old Lander male – curfew violation

16-year-old Lander male – gas drive off

Jacob Wagon, 20, Arapahoe – public intoxication, MUI

Joseph Withrow, 32, Lander – assault and battery

Kenneth Calvert, 51, Lander – warrant

Aug. 14 Arrest Report

Chrissy Bigeagle, 32, Ethete – warrant

Aug. 13 Arrest Report

Kenneth Calvert, 51, Lander – unlawful burning

Janet Funk, 43, Lander – public intoxication, open container

Two Lander residents in same incident—Wanda McGowan, 41, for DWUI; and Joseph Withrow, 32, open container

Shad Bracken, 35, Lander – warrant

Brian SunRhodes, 28, Lander — warrants

Aug. 9 Arrest Report

Adria Posey, 22, Fort Washakie – public intoxication

Aug. 8 Arrest Report

Louis Addison, 18, Ethete – LPD warrant

Two arrested in same incident – Kit Weed, 20, Fort Washakie, DWUI; and Ricky Goodleft, 30, Riverton, warrant

Paul Case, 18, Lander – disobeying a lawful order

Dawson Smith, 27, Kinnear — warrant

Aug. 6 Arrest Report

William Cooper, 42, Lander – domestic abuse

Linden Blackwolf, 53, Lander – outstanding warrant, public intoxication, property destruction

Two in same incident – Sterling Blindman, 19, and James Webb, 18, both of Lander, possession of marijuana

Aug. 3 Arrest Report

Linden Blackwolf, 53, Lander – public intoxication, property destruction, warrant

Stanley Shakespeare, 23, Ethete – shoplifting $6 food items

Aug. 1 Arrest Report

William Cooper, 42, Lander – assault and battery


July 31 — No Overnight Arrests

July 30 Arrest Report

Warrants – Frances Blackbear, 47, and Houston Headley, 44, both of Riverton

DUI – Nathan Fryer, 24, Riverton, also interference, open container, driving without tail lights, warrant; Gina Reed, 27, no address listed, also interference, failure to stop for flashing red light, improper turn, driving with tail light out; Kreymer Aurand, 20, Lander

Other – Richard Lindwurm, 50, Lander – parole violation, resisting arrest; Ilse Straub, 47, no address listed – trespassing, disobeying lawful order

July 27 Arrest Report

Nathaniel Fryer, 24, Riverton – DWUI

Three in same incident – Dimitri Gould, 24, Riverton – assault, open container, interference; Keva Youngbear, 36, Ethete – interference, open container; Harley Guina, 19, Fort Washakie – interference, MUI

July 26 Arrest Report

Richard Lindwurm, 50, Lander – probation violation, resisting

July 25 Arrest Report

Tyrone Watson, 40, Lander – trespassing

Houston Headley, 44, Riverton – warrant

July 24 Arrest Report

Frances Blackbear, 47, Riverton — warrant

July 20 Arrest Report 

Three people were picked up on warrants — Charles Washakie, 41, of Fort Washakie; Ambrosia Antelope, 20, of Ethete; and Michelle Eagleroad, 21, of Lander

17-year-old male, no address listed – interference

July 18-19 Arrests

Donald Jones, 47, Ethete – warrant

Roshell Correa, 36, Ethete – warrants

William Lewis, 27, Lander – probation violation

Shawnice Crazythunder, 18, no address listed – assault and battery, interference, warrants

July 17 – No overnight arrests

July 16 Arrest Report

Warrant Arrests – Travis Balderson and William Topaum, both 34 of Lander, Delight Sunrhodes, 28, Riverton, Marlo Calhoun, 37, Fort Washakie

DUI arrests – Daphne Peahora, 20, Fort Washakie – DUI, no driver’s license; William Trosper, 45, Fort Washakie, DUI, open container, no proof of liability insurance

Other – Jason Craig, 44, Lander – violation of a protection order; 16-year-old Lander female, larceny, tobacco violation; Brendon Edinger, 18, Lander and two 17-year-old Lander juveniles, cited for MUI; Eldred Lee, 31, Arapahoe – trespassing

July 12

Daphne Peahrora, 20, Fort Washakie — DWUI

July 10

Three cited for MUI in same incident – Brendon Edinger, 18, Lander, a two 17 year olds from Lander, a male and female

July 9

Five arrested in same incident — William Tidzump, 18, DWUI; and the others for MIP, three males from Ethete, two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old; and a 14-year-old Lander male

July 6 — No overnight arrests

July 5 Arrest Report

More than a dozen reports of fireworks in Lander were reported overnight, but only one person was cited. He’s been identified by Lander Police as David Hess.

Calls came in from the 900 block of North First, Fifth and Park streets, 300 block of Jefferson, Jefferson and Riverview, 700 block of Wood,  800 block of North Third, Four Seasons Drive, McDougall Drive, 100 block of Madison, 600 block of North Ninth Street and 30th block of South First Street.

In unrelated incidents, four others were arrested overnight by Lander police. They are: Denzyl Brown, 19, of Lander, for possession of marijuana; Benjamin Cordova, 44, of Lander, for DWUI; and two Ethete men, James Antelope, 48, or public intoxication; and Derrald Antelope, 49, for DWUI.

July 3 Arrests

Joseph Boulette, 58, Lander – DUI

Two were arrested in the same incident — Juanita Weed, 39, of Fort Washakie, for DUI, and Clifford Duran, 38, Fort Washakie, for resisting arrest.

July 2 Arrests

Four for public intoxication – John Chavez, 30, Riverton; and three others from Lander, Linden Blackwolf, 53, James Judkins, 33, and Lawrencetta Addison, 55.

Five on warrants – Three from Fort Washakie, Rodney Littlemouth, 36, Charles Washakie, 41, and William Chippewa, 51; and two others from Lander, Lelan Rohn, 27, and Dana Spang, 33. Spang faces additional charges for assault on a police officer.

Seven for DUI: Five from Lander, Tylor Brown, 21, Regent Cloutier, 52, Kaylei Dollard, 24, Sierra Randall, 21 and Lonnie Reaves, 59; and Mandy Cutshaw, 31, of Arapahoe; and Delin Dewey, 37, of Riverton.

Two others were arrested: Garrett Olsen, 24, of Idaho Falls, for assault and public intoxication; and Nichole Neil, 21, Columbia Falls, for assault and battery, public intoxication and trespassing.



June 27-29 Arrests

Delin Dewey, 37, Riverton – public intoxication

Charles Washakie, 41, Fort Washakie – probation revocation

William Chippewa, 51, Fort Washakie – warrant

Leland Rohn, 27, Lander – open container, interference

June 25 Arrests

Four on warrants – William Lewis, 27, Bryson Whitewolf, 22, Alfred Shavehead, 56, and Joseph Christopher, 28.

Intoxication Arrests: Latish Mendibles, 27, on two Lander city warrants; Nathen Kilcrease, 37, DUI, no valid driver’s license, open container and an active warrant, BAC of .24; Ronald Loneman, 53, DUI, DUS, failure to maintain a lane of travel and open container, BAC .27; Richard Helm, 58, DUI, hit and run, driving without a valid driver’s license and driving without insurance; Matthew Tschannen, 40, DUI, following too closely and driving without an ignition interlock device; and Clint Struna, 33, DUI, BAC .18.

June 22 Arrests

Bryson Whitewolf, 22, Ethete — Warrant

June 21 Arrests

Richard Helm, 58, Lander – DWUI, no insurance, duty of driver colliding with vehicle, no driver’s license

Paul Case, 18, Lander – shoplifting

Three arrested in same incident — Ronald Loneman, 53, Ethete – DWUI, DUS, driving on roadways laned for traffic, open container; Marvin McLeod, 57, Lander – open container; Ava Snell, 49, Lander – open container

June 8-20 Arrests

Joseph Von Feldt, 19, address not listed – MIP

Joseph MedicineTop, 45, Riverton – warrant

Scott Ross, 32, Lingle – public intoxication

Joseph Whiteplume, 35, Riverton – public intoxication, open container

Tlana Jealous, 20, Riverton – shoplifting, public intoxication, MIP

Seven people were arrested following a noise complaint in the 600 block of Market – Zachary Kress, 21, Lander, cited for house party; Kimberly Blount, 23, and Tashina Morgan, 24, both of Lander on warrants; and 18-year-olds Taylor Nagle and Brodie Schneider and two juvenile males, ages 15 and 17, all of Lander for MIP/MUI.

Nathan Kilcrease, 37, Ethete – DWUI, no valid driver’s license, open container, warrant

Daniel Reyos, 25, Fort Washakie – DWUI, no proof of insurance, avoiding traffic control device

Michael Friday, 23, Lander – DWUI, open container, interference, possession of controlled substance

Jarvis Shoulderblade, 37, Arapahoe – warrant

Two people in same incident – Patrick Latray, 25, Lander – DWUI; Michael Truax, 27, Lander – public intoxication

Kayla Hebah, 22, Lander – DWUI, possession of marijuana, no proof liability insurance, interference, DUS

June 1 -7 Arrests

Stephanie Haukass, 26, Ethete — public intoxication

William Carpenter Jr. 33, Kinnear — warrant

Joshua Manning, 25, Lander — cited for dog at large

Three in same incident — Dwight Timbana, 19, Lander — DWUI; and Marland Underwood, 33, Riverton and Michael Timbana, 31, Fort Washakie — open container

Weston Addison, 26, Lander — warrant

Barry Lucas, 47, Lander — DWUI, warrant


May 30 Arrest Report

Myron Chavez, 44, Ethete — warrant

May 30 Arrest Report

Matthew Stacey, 42, Fort Washakie – public intoxication, trespassing

Two arrested in same call – a 17-year-old from Lander for criminal entry, and 16-year-old from Ethete for MUI, burglary

Brian SunRhodes, 27, Lander – assault and battery

May 21 – 25 Arrests

Chester Friday, 36, Fort Washakie – DWUI, cited open container, theft of services, failure to obey stop sign

Loretta SunRhodes, 32, Arapahoe – warrant

Three arrested in the same incident — Delight SunRhodes, 28, Riverton for shoplifting; 16-year-old from Arapahoe for interference

Jarrod Piper, 23, Lander – simple assault

Martin Standing Rock, 48, Fort Washakie – public intoxication

Three for public intoxication in same incident — Lawerencetta Addison, 55, Lander and John Chavez, 29, and Donald Smith, 48, both of Riverton. Smith also for open container

Katie Eagleroad, 30, Lander – probation violation

Cory Marburger, 33, Lander – larceny

Oliver Aragon, 75, Fort Washakie – warrant, times two

James Eagleroad, 21, Lander – trespassing

Jason Craig, 44, Lander – warrant

John Dean, 54, Atlantic City – DWUI

Julie Rodgers, 23, Lander – DWUI

Allesandro Shoyo, 30, Fort Washakie – FTA warrant

Daniel Urbanski, 48, Lander – warrant

Kristen Siedelmann, 47, Westminster, Colo. – DWUI

Arrested in same incident – Jeryd Leonard, 19, Lander – DWUI, cited MIP, driving under suspension, no insurance; 17-year-old male, Arapahoe – warrant, MIP, open container; and two for interference –  Dale Thompson, 18, Fort Washakie, MIP/MUI and Jacen Makeshine, 18, Ethete, MIP/MUI

Dudley C’Bearing, 26, Riverton – warrant

Benson C’Bearing, 32, Arapahoe – property destruction

Jamie Bragg, 29, no address listed – DUI

Jeremy Cunningham, 34, no address listed – domestic abuse 

May 17 Arrest Report

Tesla Myers, 20, Lander – MIP/MUI

34-year-old Lander male (name not released) – assault and battery, resisting

May 16 Arrest Report

Julia Perry, 48, Fort Washakie – shoplifting

Tana Papse, 38, Fort Washakie – shoplifting

May 14 Arrest Report

Jacob Griffin, 26, Lander – probation violation

Amanda Ratliff, 39, Lander – assault and battery

Jamie Bragg, 29, Fort Washakie – DWUI

Robert Baker, 52, Lander – DWUI

Amber Wyrick, 26, Lander – DWUI

Ryom Herbst, 24, Lander – probation violation

Robert Martel, 43, Lander – failure to appear warrant, times four

Leland Rohn, 27, Lander – assault and battery

Richard Helms, 58, Lander – warrant

Morningstar Jealousofhim, 28, Ethete – failure to appear warrant, times three

Brian SunRhodes, 27, Ethete – public intoxication

John Addison, no age listed, Arapahoe – warrant

May 10-11 Arrest Report

Two Lander males, ages 12 and 13 — cited for tobacco violation 

Waylon Lajeunesse, 41, Fort Washakie — probation revocation  

Kimberly Blount, 23, Lander — failure to appear warrant 

May 9 — No Overnight Arrests

May 8 Arrest Report

Colby West, 18, Lander – shoplifting

Courtney Munichiello, 26, Lander – DWUI, open container

Donald Smith, 48, Riverton – FTW warrant

Amber Washakie, 19, Lander – MIP, public intoxication, interference

Dale Weber, 52, Lander – driving without Interlock device

Myra Watt, 64, Ethete — DWUI


April 27-30 Arrests

Andrew Barrows, 33, Riverton – DWUI, driving on suspended license, speeding, brake light out

Mikal Thayer, 18, Lander – MUI

Tristan Larsen, 27, Lander – assault and battery

Aaron Durham, 28, Lander – assault and battery

Donald Harrington, 49, Lander – dog at large, vicious animal, no tags

16-year-old Lander female – MIP

Aaron Bigknife, 46, Fort Washakie – DWUI

Pursely Bigknife, 44, Fort Washakie – failure to appear warrants

Cody Armajo, 25, Ethete – county warrant, interference

James Whiteplume, 39, Ethete – DWUI, driving on suspended license, open container, interference

April 25 Arrest Report

16-year-old Lander male – interference

Brennon Scott, 23, Lander – peace disturbance

April 24 — No overnight arrests

PRESS RELEASE – April 23, 2012 – As written by Lander Chief Jim Carey

Lander Police Officers responded to 135 calls for service over the week.  Of the 135 calls for service 18 arrests were made. 

Warrant arrests

30 year old Damon Coando of FT. Washakie, 22 year old Gregory Aramo of Lander, 29 year old John Chavez of Riverton. 

On 4/17/12 at approximately 6:30 AM Brian Sunrhodes was stopped after officers received and aired REDDI report.  Upon the Officer contacting Brian he was able to smell a strong odor of alcohol, and observed him to have bloodshot eyes.  Brian was asked out of the vehicle for field sobriety testing.  The test showed Brian was too intoxicated to operate a motor vehicle.  Brian was placed under arrest and charged with DUI and driving without a valid driver’s license. 

43 Year old Julie Smith of Lander was arrested for DUI Friday afternoon after she was reported in as an intoxicated driver.  Julie was picking a child up from school at the time of the report.  When the Officer contacted Julie he observed her six year old child in the vehicle.  

Sunday morning at approximately 1230 AM Officer Ryder was traveling Westbound on Main Street in the 800 block.  Officer Ryder observed a vehicle driven by 43 year old Tristen McFarland traveling Eastbound on Main Street at a high rate of speed.  Tristen did not negotiate the corner in the 900 block of Main Street, and collided with the Dairyland sign.  EMS was summoned to the scene and transported both occupants.  Alcohol is considered a factor for the collision and DUI charges are pending for Tristen.

April 20-22 Arrests

Hayden Hamilton, 24, Billings, Mont. – possession of marijuana

16-year-old Lander male – warrant

Anderson Antelope, 50, Fort Washakie – public intoxication, open container

Tristan McFarland, 43, Riverton – DWUI, open container

Eugene Ridgley, 50, Ethete – intoxicated pedestrian

Jared Cox, 19, Lander – shoplifting

William Norman, 19, Lander – shoplifting

Julie Smith, 43, Lander – DWUI enhanced with child passenger

Damon Coando, 30, Fort Washakie – warrant

15-year-old Lander male – possession of marijuana

17-year-old Lander male – interference, possession of marijuana

April 19-20 Arrests

Misti Hereford, 31, Lander – public intoxication, resisting

Ralph Higinbotham, 25, Lander – public intoxication

Ryan Herbst, 24, Lander – possession, marijuana

Neiman Tillman, 51, Fort Washakie – warrant, probation revocation, open container

Gregory Armajo, 22, Lander — warrants

April 19 Arrest Report

Ryan Monroe, 24, Riverton – public intoxication

Valerie Chavez, 38, Ethete – public intoxication

Katie Eagleroad, 30, Lander – probation violation

April 13-18 Arrests

Brian Sunrhodes, 27, Ethete – DWUI

Paul Bell, 50, Riverton – public intoxication

Martin Bido, 47, Lander – DWUI, physical control

Mona Jarvis, 46, Lander – Warrant

Zachary Hearn, 19, Casper – Warrant for failure to pay, carrying concealed weapon

John Chavez, 29, Riverton – Warrant for failure to appear, two counts

April 9-13 Arrests

Truman Spotted Elk, 30, Riverton – warrant

Robert Herbst, 26, Lander — DWUI

Ronald Goggles, 25, Lander – public intoxication

Delmer Duran, 43, Arapahoe – public intoxication

Kendra Calvert, 31, Lander – warrant

Sandra Littlewhiteman, 51, Lander — warrant

April 9 Arrest Report

Tristan Larsen, 27, Lander – interference

Joseph Jones, 23, Lander – warrant

Virginia Noline, 42, Fort Washakie – DUI enhanced, open container, no child safety restraint

Bradley Martel, 23, Fort Washakie – open container, interference

Aaran Durham, 28, Lander – assault and battery

Lexie McKinney, 18, Lander – interference

Tilyn Mason, 19, Lander – interference

Andelee Charginghawk, 20, Hudson – assault and battery, custodial interference, warrant

William Chippewa, 51, Tulsa, Okla. – warrant

Four juvenile females — cited for tobacco violation (15-year-old from Ethete, 16-year-old from Lander, and 16- and 17-year-old from Fort Washakie)

April 4 — No Overnight Arrests

April 3 Arrest Report

Alberto Rodriguez, 24, Lander – shoplifting

April 3 Press Release  

Lander Officers responded to 118 calls for service over the week.  Of the 118 calls 7 involved the use of alcohol and 11 arrests were made.  

Warrant arrests: Michelle Eagleroad, Antonio Herman, Tosheena Jellous, Claude Duran, Waylon Lajeunesse, and Travis Balderston.  

18 year old Justin Rackely was arrested and charged with possession of Marijuana.  Justin was found to have over 4 ½ grams on him while attending school.  

April 2 Arrest Report

Lucas Sanchez, 31, Riverton – public intoxication

Eric Curtin, 36, Lander – DWUI

James Hunter, 29, Lander – assault and battery

Travis Balderston, 34, Lander – warrants

15-year-old Lander male – MUI/MIP

Wayon Lajeunesse, 41, Fort Washakie – probation revocation

Joseph Boulette, 57, Lander – selling alcohol to a minor

Zachary Kennedy, 22, Lander – selling alcohol to a minor

Nicholas Hornecker, 24, Lander – selling alcohol to minors

Claude Duran, 25, Arapahoe – warrants


March 30 Arrest Report

Tashena Jealous, 26, Ethete – warrant

Felicia Brown, 31, Ethete – possession of marijuana, open container, no valid driver’s license

Daniel Oldman, 28, Lander – open container

Nathan Martel, 20, Lander – MIP/MUI

Justin Rackley, 18, Lander – possession of marijuana

March 29 Arrest Report

Richard Williams, 27 – warrant

Marlvina Quiver, 48 – warrant

Lyle Ute, 21 – warrant

March 29 Press Release, as submitted by Chief Jim Carey

The Lander Police Officers responded to 115 calls for service through the week.  Of the 115 Calls 8 arrests were made. 

18 year old Justin Rackley, 27 year old Richard Williams, 48 year old Marlvina Quiver and 21 year old Lyle Ute were all arrested for outstanding warrants. 

On Saturday night Officers served a search warrant on a residence in the Lander area, searching for suspected illicit drugs.  Officers entered the residence at approximately 1:00 AM to serve the warrant.  Officers located 131 grams of marijuana and packaging material for distribution.  The suspect has been taken into custody and charges for possession with intent to distribute.

March 27 Arrest Report

Michelle Eagleroad, 21, Lander – warrant

March 22-25 Arrests

Frank Fonseca, 45, Lander – DWUI, possession of a controlled substance

Ted Jarvis, 45, Lander – probation violation

Lyle Ute, 21, Fort Washakie – warrants

Tootie Bercier, 30, Pocatello, Idaho – assault and battery

Shawnice Crazythunder, 18, Riverton – public intoxication, MUI/MIP

Melvina Quiver, 48, Arapahoe – warrant

March 22 Arrest Report

Christopher C’Hair, 25, Ethete – public intoxication

Richard Williams, 27, Lander — warrant

March 21 Arrest Report

Justin Rackley, 18, Lander – Probation Revocation

March 16-20 Arrests

Edward Brown, 52, Riverton – public intoxication

Tristan Larsen, 27, Lander – assault and battery

Michael Giroux, 24, Riverton – possession of a controlled substance

Hauser Harris, 25, Riverton – possession of a controlled substance, warrants

Pablo Guerra, 59, Lander – aggravated assault and battery

Buckley Denevan, 43, Lander – DWUI, open container

Ethan Nevarez, 21, Riverton – DWUI

Johnna Vinich, 21, Lander – DWUI, warrant

Leif Polson, 33, Lander – DWUI

David Long, 34, Riverton – DWUI

Anderson Antelope, 50, Riverton – public intoxication

Don Smith, 48, Riverton – public intoxication

Todd Peter, 21, Lander – DWUI

Tara Latray, 45, Lander — shoplifting

March 16 Arrest Report

Bradley Gagner, 49, Lander — DWUI, interference, eluding, careless driving, DWUS

Tina Roberts, 40, Lander — warrant

March 15 Arrest Report

Shane Wesaw, 36, Fort Washakie — warrants

March 14 Arrest Report

Erskine Filbert, 22, Monkton, Md — property destruction

March 12 Arrest Report

Spring Robinson, 34, Lander – DWUI

Kaitlyn Dean, 19, Lander – warrant

Ronnie Spearson, 25, Kinnear — DWUI, DWUS, open container

Alison Durgin, 25, Lander — DWUI

March 12 Press Release – As submitted by Chief Jim Carey

Lander Officers responded to 109 calls for service over the week.  Of the 109 calls for service 14 involved the use of alcohol and 10 arrests were made. 

37 year old Heather Higinbotham, 19 year old Kaitlyn Dean and a 17 year old female were arrested throughout the week on outstanding warrants. 

31 year old Bambi Stephenson was arrested Tuesday night for public intoxication.  Officers responded to a local business for the complaint that Bambi was found freezing cold, outside the store with very little cloths, and no shoes.  Bambi was invited in to warm up, but refused to leave after she became belligerent.  When Officers arrived to help Bambi, she became aggressive towards them, and was placed under arrest for public intoxication. 

19 year old Jeryd Leonard of Lander was arrest for DUI, speeding, and possession of marijuana, and MUI on Friday. The Officer observed Jeryd driving on Lincoln Street at an estimated speed of 40 MPH in a 25 MPH zone.  When the Officer contacted Jeryd he was able to smell both alcohol and marijuana coming from the vehicle.  Jeryd failed field sobriety testing and was placed under arrest for the DUI.  Lander K-9 Officer was deployed on the vehicle and a marijuana pipe, and scale was located in the car.  Jeryd had a BAC of .14% 

25 year old Alison Durgin was arrested for DUI and failure to stop for a stop sign on Saturday morning.  The Officer observed Alison fail to stop for the stop sign at 4th and Garfield.  The Officer contacted Alison and observed signs of intoxication.  Alison was put through SFST’s, which showed impairment.  Alison was arrested for driving under the influence, and testing showed Alison to have a blood alcohol concentration .17 

25 year old Ronnie Spearson was arrested for DUI after he was called in to Police as a REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) Report.  Officers located Ronnie parked near mile post 1 Hwy 287.  Upon the officer attempting to contact the driver, the officer found the driver’s seat empty.  Officers found Ronnie in the back seat of the vehicle.  When the Officer asked Ronnie what he was doing, Ronnie replied he was scared so he jumped in the back seat.  Testing showed Ronnie to have a BAC of .15.  34 year old Tonya Washakie a passenger was cited for open container.  

34 year old Spring Robinson was arrested for DUI after she was observed speeding.  Spring failed field sobriety testing was arrested with a BAC of .10.

March 9 Arrest Report

Jeryd Leonard, 19, Lander – DWUI, possession of marijuana, MIP, speeding

March 7 Arrest Report

Alfred Shavehead, 56, Fort Washakie – warrant, open container, public intoxication

 Alice Moss, 41, Lander – assault and battery

 Bambi Stephenson, 31, Lander – public intoxication

 17-year-old Lander female – warrant

Heather Higinbotham Shanley, Lander – warrant 

March 5 Arrest Report

Shilo Twobulls, 22, Riverton – warrants

Charles Washakie, 41, Fort Washakie – DWUI, possession of marijuana

15-year-old Ethete male – DWUI

16-year-old Ethete male – MUI/MIP

Nicholas Jones, 23, Lander – DWUI, possession of marijuana

13-year-old Lander male – shoplifting

Justin Bear, 26, Fort Washakie – DWUI

Charlotte Whiteman, 27, Fort Washakie – Big Horn County warrant

March 5 Press Release, as submitted by Chief Jim Carey

Lander Officers responded to 114 calls for service over the week.  Of the 114 calls 9 involved the use of alcohol and 10 arrests were made.   58 year old Dennis Howe of Lander was arrested Wednesday night on probable cause of impaired driving, after he was involved in a traffic collision.  The Lander Officer made contact with Dennis and observed signs that indicated he was under the influence of medication.  Dennis was unable to complete initial sobriety testing, and then refused the rest due to his condition.  A blood test was taken and sent to the Wyoming Crime Lab for analysis.  

37 year old Buddy Large was arrested for DUI on Thursday Morning.  Buddy was observed making a right hand turn on 3rd Street from the wrong lane of travel.  When stopped and questioned about the infraction, the Officer was able to smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Buddy.  When the Officer requested Buddy’s name and insurance information, he was given the name Edward Wadda.  A record check revealed Buddy’s real name and also showed him to have a suspended driver’s license.  After Buddy was given field sobriety testing he was arrested for DUI, driving under suspension, driving without insurance, interference with Police, and improper turning. 

 42 year old Maude Capitan was arrested for DUI on Friday morning after she was stopped for a headlight violation.  Field sobriety testing showed Maude to be under the influence of alcohol.  Maude was arrested and charged with DUI with a blood alcohol concentration of .11%  

26 Year old Justin Bear was arrested and charged with DUI, driving without insurance, driving without headlights and a registration violation after he was stopped for driving without headlights at 2:30 am Saturday morning.  

23 year old Nicholas Jones was arrested for DUI physical control and possession of marijuana after he was found passed out and slumped over the steering wheel of his running vehicle in the 200 block of Main Street South alley.  The Officer located Nicholas slumped over the steering wheel and contacted him to check on his medical condition.  While speaking with Nicholas the Officer was able to smell an odor of alcohol. Nicholas failed field sobriety testing and was subsequently arrested for DUI.  Officers also located a baggie of marijuana in the vehicle, which Nicolas admitting to smoking earlier in the evening.  

41 year old Charles Washakie was stopped Saturday morning for speeding.  When the Officer contacted Charles he could smell the odor of alcohol. Charles was subsequently arrested for DUI, speeding, and possession of marijuana, which was located in the vehicle.

March 2 Arrest Report

Maude Capitan, 42, Fort Washakie – DWUI

Johnetta Seminole, 45, Arapahoe – warrant

Tashina Birdshead, 30, Ethete – warrant

March 1 Arrest Report

Buddy Large, 37, Fort Washakie – DWUI, DWUS, Interference

Robin Levin, 57, Lander – careless driving, failure to report an accident involving bodily injury, failure to yield to a pedestrian, obstructed windshield


Feb. 28 — No overnight arrests

Feb. 27 Press Release, by Chief Jim Carey

Officers of the Lander Police Department responded to 107 calls for service throughout the week.  Of the 107 calls for service 7 involved the use of alcohol and 8 arrests were made.   On 2/20/12 32 year old Tana Papse of FT. Washakie was arrested for outstanding warrants.

Monday night 32 year old Jarvis Even of Lander was arrested and charged with DWUI after he was observed driving at a high rate of speed; which resulted in Jarvis nearly striking another vehicle while attempting to negotiate a turn.  Jarvis had a blood alcohol concentration of .13.  

Candice Murray, Nelson Duran, John Chavez and Jason Stalder arrested for public intoxication in separate incidents.    Lander Officers assisted the FBI in the arrest of 29 year old Russell Ute of Lander, who was wanted on Federal warrants.   28 year old Brian Mann of FT. Washakie was arrested for DWUI and cited with an equipment violation Saturday night after he was stopped for the equipment violation.  Brian had a blood alcohol concentration of .10.

19 year old Traye Hays of Riverton was arrested Sunday morning for Driving under the Influence of Marijuana.  Traye was stopped for an equipment violation, and upon the Officer contacting the driver and passengers, he was able to detect an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.  K-9 Officer Kye was ran around the vehicle and alerted on the presence of illegal narcotics.  A 14 year old passenger was found to be in possession of a large bag containing miscellaneous drug paraphernalia.  Field sobriety testing showed Traye was under the influence of Marijuana.  The 14 year old passenger was charged with possession of marijuana.

Feb. 27 Arrests

Traye Hays, 19, Riverton – DWUI

17-year-old Riverton male – possession of marijuana

Derek Quiver, 26, Ethete – DWUS

Brian Mann, 28, Fort Washakie – DWUI

Feb. 21-22 Arrests

Adam Trujillo, 34, Lander – assault and battery, possession of marijuana

Jason Stalder, 27, Lander – public intoxication

Nelson Duran, 32, Riverton – public intoxication

John Chavez, 29, Riverton – public intoxication

Candace Murray, 29, Fort Washakie – public intoxication

Press Release, Feb. 21, 2012 — as submitted by Chief Jim Carey

The Lander Police Department responded to 103 calls for service over the week.  Of the 103 calls 11 involved the use of alcohol, and 12 arrests were made. 

            28 year old Seth Lebeau was arrested Tuesday morning after a Lander Officer recognized him as having several outstanding warrants.  While Seth was being taken into custody the officer located a device used as a pipe to smoke marijuana.  The pipe contained trace amounts of THC, a chemical in marijuana.  Seth was arrested and served the warrants and additionally cited with possession of marijuana.  

            30 year old Loni Warren and 33 year old Dana Spang were both arrested on outstand warrants Wednesday morning after Officer were called to a residence, because the two were unwanted guests.  Upon Officers arriving at the residence they located Loni attempting to hide in a bedroom closet, and found Dana in bed.  Both were highly intoxicated at the time of arrest.

            58 year old Vickie Jacobson was arrested at her residence Wednesday afternoon for two felony larceny warrants 

            52 year old Michael Logue was arrested for DUI after he was stopped for an equipment violation.  Mike had a blood alcohol concentration of .14. 

25 year old Kelly Baker and 20 year old Matthew Bishop were arrested Saturday night following a traffic stop.  While on the traffic stop K-9 Officer Kye was deployed around the stopped vehicle.  Kye detected illicit drugs in the vehicle, and a search of the vehicle was conducted.  Officers located a bag of marijuana located stuffed inside a Red Bull energy drink.  Matthew was arrested for possession of marijuana and Kelly was arrested on a probation violation.

            53 year old Carl Calvert was arrested for DUI and no proof of liability insurance, after he was stopped for weaving in his lane of travel.  The Officer was able to smell alcohol coming from the driver Carl upon contacting him.  Field sobriety testing showed Carl to be intoxicated and breath test results showed Carl to have a blood alcohol concentration of .16%.    

Feb. 21 Arrest List 

Seth Lebeau, 28 – warrants and possession of marijuana

Loni Warren, 30 – warrant

Dana Spang, 33 – warrant

Vickie Jacobson, 58, Lander – two felony larceny warrants

Michael Logue, 52 – DUI, BAC of .14

Kelly Baker, 25 – probation violation

Matthew Bishop, 20 – possession of marijuana

Carl Calvert, 53 – DUI, no proof of liability insurance

Feb. 16-21 Arrests

Mike Logue, 52, Lander – DWUI

Shannon Latray, 44, Lander – probation revocation

Joseph Vanfeldt, 19, Lander – MUI/MIP

Nathan Martel, 20, Lander – MUI/MIP

Javier Sanchez, 27, Lander – providing alcohol to minors

Yesenia Nation, 25, Lander – providing alcohol to minors

Ernest Siers, 21, Fort Washakie – failure to appear warrant

14-year-old Lander female – possession on marijuana

Jarvis Even, 29, Lander – DWUI

Tana Papse, 38, Fort Washakie – warrant

John Chavez, 29, Riverton – public intoxication

Carl Calvert, 53, Lander – DWUI

Matthew Bishop, 20, Lander – possession of marijuana

Kelly Baker, 25, Lander – probation revocation

Dylan Mills, 19, Riverton – MUI/MIP

17-year-old Lander male – possession of marijuana

Feb.2- 8 Arrest Reports

Joshua West, 42, Lander – battery

Stacey Bennett, 46, Riverton – warrants

Gaylen Hill, 41, Fort Washakie – public intoxication

Tristan Larsen, 27, Lander – DWUI

Janelle Denny, 24, Ethete – criminal entry, obstruction

16-year-old male, Mountain View – MUI/MIP

Elliott McGill, 41, Fort Washakie – DWUI, warrants

Tremayne Thunder, 32, Lander – warrant, public intoxication, interference

Preston Schamp, 32, Fort Washakie – public intoxication

Delthe McLeod, 55, Lander – warrants, DWUS

Clifford Tillman, 30, Fort Washakie – DWUI


Jan. 30 Press Release, as submitted by Chief Jim Carey

The Lander Police Department responded to 88 calls for service through the week.  Of the 88 calls 10 involved the use of alcohol and 7 arrests were made. 

32 year old Christy Wanstall of Lander was arrested Saturday night after she was observed speeding and drifting out of her lane of travel, in the 1200 block of Main Street.  Upon the Officer contacting Christy he was able to smell a very strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.  Christy failed field sobriety testing and was subsequently arrested for DUI, speeding, failure to maintain a lane of travel and driving without insurance.    

At 6:44 PM Saturday night Officers were dispatched to Valley View St. and Highway 789  for a one vehicle rollover.  The driver, a 21 year old Lander Resident, was ejected from the 2006 Dodge Pickup he was driving.  The driver, and sole occupant, was given medical attention at the scene and transported to the Lander Hospital.  The driver later died from injuries sustained in the crash at a Casper hospital.  At this time the crash is still under investigation by the Lander Police Department. 

31 year old Benjamin Runningshield of Arapahoe was arrested Saturday night after he was located attempting to break into a pop machine in the 100 block of N 4th Street.  When Benjamin observed the Police in the area he attempted to discard the bolt cutters he was using, and attempted to run from police.  Benjamin was stopped a short time later and arrested for public intoxication, breaking into a coin machine, and property destruction. Benjamin’s accomplice 26 year old Kayla Seminole was charged with accessory before the fact and possession of stolen property.  

Jan. 30 Arrest Report

Christy Wanstall, 32, Lander – DUI, speeding, failure to maintain lane of travel, driving without insurance 

Benjamin Runningshield, 31, Arapahoe – public intoxication, breaking into a coin machine, property destruction

Kayla Seminole, 26 – accessory before the fact, possession of stolen property

Jennifer Joyes, 26, Lander — animal at large, property destruction

Jamie Prince, 32, Lander — assault and battery, possession of marijuana

Jan. 27 Arrest Report

Timothy Wesaw, 29, Lander – public intoxication

Jan. 26 Arrest Report

Bradley Gagner, 49, Lander – assault and battery, failure to appear warrant

16-year-old Fort Washakie female — assault and battery

Jan. 25 – No overnight arrests

Jan. 24 Arrest Report

Antonio Herman, 40, Lander – probation violation

Dawson Smith, 27, Kinnear — warrant

Jan. 23 Press Release, as submitted by Chief Jim Carey

The Lander Police Department responded to 100 calls for service through the week.  Of the 100 calls 6 involved the use of alcohol, and 5 arrests were made.  

32 year old Lander resident Kennett McLeod was arrest on 4 counts of larceny Wednesday.  Throughout the week the Lander Police Department received multiple complaints of a female shoplifting grocery carts full of food, and other items from stores in Lander.  Officers located Kennett, who later confessed to the thefts.  

54 year old Stephen Pearson was arrested and charged with an enhanced DUI after he was called in as an intoxicated driver at the Elementary school in Lander.  Officers didn’t locate Stephen until, after he had picked up his grandson from school.  Once Officers stopped Stephen and contacted him they were able to smell alcohol coming from him.  Field sobriety testing showed Stephen to be impaired.  Blood alcohol results showed Stephen to have a blood alcohol concentration of .13.  

21 year old Ty O’Neal of Lander was stopped for failing to maintain his lane of travel Saturday night.  Officer detected an odor of alcohol on Ty.  After failing field sobriety maneuvers Ty was arrested and charged with DUI, failure to maintain a lane of travel, and open container in a vehicle.  Ty’s blood alcohol concentration was .17.  This was Ty’s second DUI arrest.  

26 year old Erin Mortenson of Lander was arrested and charged with DUI, possession of marijuana, driving without a valid driver’s license, and improper turning.  Erin was stopped after she was observed driving in the middle of the street and made an improper turn.  The Officer contacted Erin and inquired to the odor of alcohol in the vehicle.  Erin stated she had not been drinking and informed the officer the smell was coming from her passenger.  Further investigation reviled Erin had been consuming alcohol.  Field sobriety testing showed Erin to be too impaired to operate the vehicle safely and Erin was placed under arrest for the DUI.  While conducting an inventory on the vehicle officers located what was believed to be marijuana in the vehicle. 

Jan. 23 Arrests

Debra Guzman, 50, Lander — Warrant

Erin Mortenson, 26, Lander — DWUI, possession of marijuana, no valid driver’s license, turning at intersections

Ty O’Neal, 21, Lander — DWUI, open container, failrue to maintain lane of travel

Stephen Pearson, 54, Lander — DWUI with child passenger

Kennett McLeod, 32, Lander –  4 counts of larceny

Jan. 16 Arrest Report

Jonathan Medicinehorse — DUI, reckless driving, accessory after the fact

Deland Quiver — shoplifting, public intoxication

Jaryd Newton — warrants

Anissa Stena, 43, Lander — DUI, speeding

Charles Chavis, 26, Fort Washakie — DUI

Amber Wyrick, 26, Lander — assault and battery

Jan. 13 Arrest Report

Timothy Davis, 48, Big Piney – two failure to appear warrants

Johnathan Medicinehorse, 23, Riverton- DWUI, shoplifting, DWUS, accessory after the fact, reckless driving

Deland Quiver, 23, Ethete – public intoxication, shoplifting

Jan. 9-12 — No Arrests Reported

Jan. 9 Press Release, as submitted by Chief Fred Cox

The Lander Police Department responded to 97 calls for the week.  Of the 97 calls 2 involved the use of alcohol, and 5 arrests were made.

 Lander Officers arrested 5 individuals for outstanding warrants. 

The Lander Police Department has seen a decrease in most criminal offenses with the exception of public intoxication arrests in 2011, which increased by 37.8%.  The majority of public intoxication arrests are from repeat offenders, and are called in by a citizen complaint 92.5% of the time. 

 The Lander Police Department seen a decrease in charges for possession of marijuana, which decreased by 25%.  This decrease came after the deployment of Lander’s new K-9 Officer Kye.  

Due to the vigilant efforts of the Lander Police Department, LPD has seen a decrease in DUI arrests by 18.24%.  Lander Officers report more intoxicated citizens are utilizing other means of transpiration such as designated drivers or walking home.  The Lander Police Department is dedicated in the protection of the citizens in the community.  Such actions as continuous DUI patrol unquestionably save innocent lives. Last year the Lander Police Department had 159 DUI arrests compared to 130 this year.   

The Lander Police Department also reports a large decrease of minor in possession of alcohol.  LPD saw a decrease in MIP charges by 28.22%.   The decrease is attributed to grants funded to the Lander Police Department predominantly for the use of locating and detouring minors from using alcohol.  The grant also detours the sale of alcohol to minors by having officer conduct compliance checks of local retailers who sale alcohol.

Jan. 9 Arrest Report

15-year-old male from Ethete – MUI/MIP

Chief Willey, 37, Arapahoe – warrant

Steven Moss, 40, Ethete — warrant

Julian Spoonhunter, 22, Arapahoe – warrant

Chance Moore, 19, Lander – bond revocation

Jan. 5 Arrest Report

Victoria Rogers, 25, Riverton – shoplifting

Eugene Ridgley, 50, Ethete – warrant

Jan. 4 Arrest Report

17-year-old St. Stephens male — warrant

PRESS RELEASE, Jan. 3, 2011, submitted by Chief Fred Cox

The Lander Police Department was dispatched to 97 calls for service over the week.  Of the 97 Calls for service 12 involved the use of alcohol and 13 arrests were made.  The Lander Police Department received 24 calls for service over New Years resulting in 3 arrests.

22 year old Lander Resident Boyd Jones was arrested for DUI New Year’s night after Officers observed him drive onto the sidewalk and strike a cement barrier in the maverick parking lot.   Boyd submitted to field sobriety testing, which Boyd did not pass.  Boyd was taken into custody with a blood alcohol concentration of .16 

Emery Aoah was arrested New Year’s night for public intoxication, after he entered a residence in Lander thinking he was home.  Emery was chased out of the residence by the home owner, who then called the police.  Officer’s  located Emery a short time later.  Emery was uncooperative with law enforcement and arrested.  Emery’s blood alcohol was unable to be determined due to his lack of cooperation. 

Jan. 3 Arrest Report

Herbert Wheeler, 24, Lander – warrant

Donovan Gorda, 27, Lander – warrant

Matthew Bishop, 20, Lander – shoplifting

Boyd Jones, 22, Lander – DWUI

Emery Aoah, 24, Fort Washakie – public intoxication

Ramon Wise, 40, Lander – DWUI, careless driving, eluding law enforcement, interference, failure to maintain lane of travel, stop sign violation, diving on sidewalk

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