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Midday News – January 28, 2014
January 28, 2014 – 11:34 am
Midday News – January 28, 2014

Listen to the Tuesday broadcast: Supreme Court – SF104 Fails… Uden Trial Delay… Governor Supports Pavillion Solutions… Computer Fraud… Riverton Officials Tour Schools

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Riverton Officials Tour Schools
January 28, 2014 – 11:28 am

(Riverton) — Fremont County School District 25 Superintendent Terry Snyder says schools in Lander, Rawlins and Pinedale will be toured this week to see if any of their design plans might be used …

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Computer Fraud
January 28, 2014 – 11:27 am

(Riverton) — Travelling Computers, Fremont County and Wyoming’s computer experts, warns there is scam going around where telemarketers target people telling them their computer is infected with a virus.

Stacey Peranteaux says the scammers …

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Governor Supports Pavillion Solutions
January 28, 2014 – 11:26 am

(Cheyenne) — Governor Matt Mead says Wyoming continues to work with residents outside of Pavillion to ensure they have access to safe and reliable drinking water.

Mead says the state is installing 19 cisterns …

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Uden Trial Delay
January 28, 2014 – 11:24 am

(Cheyenne/AP) — District Court Judge Steven Sharpe has postponed the trial of Alice Uden for one month after her attorney asked for more time to prepare her defense.

It was Alice Uden’s arrest that …

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Supreme Court: SF104 Fails
January 28, 2014 – 11:23 am

(Cheyenne) — On a three-to-two vote, the Wyoming Supreme Court issued a ruling this morning that Senate File 104 is unconstitutional.

Senate File 104 is the bill passed by the Wyoming Legislature last …

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Midday News – January 27, 2014
January 27, 2014 – 3:07 pm
Midday News – January 27, 2014

Listen to the Monday broadcast: Cadaver Dogs Search for Body Parts… WHP Siezes Drugs, Cash… Riverton Receives $75,000 in Lodging Tax Funding… Low Spring Flooding Potential… Meth Charges Dismissed… Dog Fight… Accidental Shooting.

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Accidental Shooting
January 27, 2014 – 3:03 pm

(Riverton) — A 25-year-old Riverton man was accidently shot in the upper leg by his wife Sunday afternoon.

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office says the couple was target practicing with several friends near Hutchison …

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Dog Fight
January 27, 2014 – 3:02 pm

(Riverton) — A pitbull attacked a german shepherd  Saturday evening in the Cozy Mobile Home Park on East Monroe forcing the owner of one dog to stab the other dog to death in order …

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Meth Charges Dismissed
January 27, 2014 – 3:01 pm

(Lander) — The case has been dismissed against a man charged with Conspiracy to Deliver Methamphetamine related to a big drug bust in Fremont County in May of last year.

Ninth District Court Judge …

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Low Spring Flooding Potential
January 27, 2014 – 2:59 pm

(Riverton) — While mountain snowpack and snow water equivalents across Wyoming were generally above average by the middle of this month, the potential for springtime flooding is generally low for the Wind …

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Riverton Receives $75,000 in Lodging Tax Funding
January 27, 2014 – 2:57 pm

(Riverton) — In fiscal year 2012-2013, Fremont County collected over $629,000 in lodging taxes and 25 percent of the money went back to local communities to promote tourism.

The Riverton Chamber of Commerce allocated …

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